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Web3 Combat Game Nova Frontier X Announces NFT Launch


Nova Frontier X, a mobile web3 game developed by The Tipsy Company, is set to launch its spaceship NFTs on April 16.

The game introduces a collection of 9,999 NFT spaceships each with unique attributes and available starting at $200, with a 50% early bird offer.

The launch is well-anticipated with over 100,000 waitlist signups reported thus far and will soon launch on Google Play and Apple App stores.

Source: Nova Frontier X

What is Nova Frontier X?

Nova Frontier X is a mobile game blending third-person flight combat and base management within an expansive intergalactic backdrop.

The game features weekly tournaments for competitive gameplay, and breaks away from linear quests, enabling players to amass Dark Nova Crystals (DNC) through thrilling combat encounters against humans, rogue AI and mysterious aliens.

Designed to cater to both seasoned web3 gamers and newcomers, Nova Frontier X will allow players to dive in without requiring a crypto wallet, though connecting one enhances the gaming experience.

Tipsy, founder and CEO of The Tipsy Company, also explained, “A web3 game should just be as fun, it should just be as easy to play as any other traditional mobile game out there.”

The upcoming spaceship NFT release will provide users both gameplay advantages and aesthetic appeal.

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