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Los Angeles Bored & Hungry Closes, Transfers Ownership to DAO


After two years of operation, the Bored & Hungry restaurant in Long Beach, California, has officially closed its doors.

The brand, which utilized the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT as its branding, has been acquired by Hungry DAO.

Bored & Hungry opened its doors in April 2022 and had gained recognition for its fusion of burger cuisine with the unique branding of the BAYC NFT.

Source: Andy Nguyen

Bored & Hungry Shifts Focus to Asia and Middle East

Andy Nguyen, co-founder of Bored and Hungry, confirmed the closure in a statement posted on X, stating, “Today we say goodbye to the original Bored & Hungry location in Long Beach, CA.”

The branding and franchising company Hungry DAO acquired the Bored & Hungry brand and the restaurant’s founding team will retain a stake in the brand, joining the DAO as shareholders. He further added, “The supportive BAYC and web3 community helped us break ground, in becoming the first to utilize ownership of the digital IP asset and create a restaurant brand.”

Nguyen expressed pride in the restaurant’s achievements stating, “We’re proud to have made our mark, and excited to see where the community takes it next.”

Though the original store has closed, Bored & Hungry will announce its new US location soon. Meanwhile, you can find Bored & Hungry at their permanent locations in Seoul and Manila.

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