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Doge Mirrors the Hyped Bitcoin Ordinals Runestone Airdrop


Doge, an iconic symbol of internet meme culture, has evolved into fractionalized NFTs and transformed into fast-food workers. Most recently, however, it has expanded into Bitcoin Ordinals with the introduction of ‘Doge Runestone’. 

Aiming to mirror Runestone’s triumph, this 100% volunteer-based initiative has now distributed 30,272 Dogecoin NFTs, adopting the same “free and fair” philosophy as Runestone itself. 

Following its airdrop on April 2, these Dogecoin NFTs are now finding their way into secondary marketplaces, whereby the virtual collectibles are garnering an abundance of interest. 

On Ordinals Wallet, the NFT project’s floor price is currently $33.28 (188 $DOGE), with its total volume already nearing $16,000 (89236.53918 $DOGE). 

doge runestone airdrop
Source: Ordinals Wallet

The Dawn of Doginals

Robo AI leads this Doge Runestone initiative, enhancing the Dogecoin blockchain with the DRC-420 protocol on Doginals to support complex media forms using the Dogecoin. 

Moreover, following the launch of the DRC-20 protocol in May 2023, another new pathway for creating fungible tokens on Dogecoin’s blockchain is opened.

Since these advancements, over 150 Dogecoin-themed NFT projects have emerged. Impressively, more than 50,000 users are advocating for Ordinals on Doge through the Doginal Explorer platform. 

Inspired by the Ordinals inscription movement, Doge Runestone pays homage to Bitcoin’s legacy while establishing a new standard for valuable digital assets on the Dogecoin blockchain.

The efforts of Doge Runestone reflect a broader movement to integrate Doge more deeply into the fabric of digital asset innovations, showcasing its versatility beyond its origins as a tremendously popular memecoin

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