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Gala Expands Horizons into the Travel Sector with Staynex


Gala, a web3 platform with its fingers in many holes, has partnered with Staynex, a blockchain-based travel and stay membership platform, to enhance the travel and hospitality sector.

By utilizing GalaChain—Gala’s effective and scalable blockchain solution—Staynex is now well equipped to offer its users a fresh plethora of travel-centric advantages. 

Together, their collaboration aims to revolutionize the way travelers plan, book, and enjoy their vacations while ensuring transparency, security, and efficiency.

gala staynex travel
Source: Gala

Innovative Travel Offerings

By harnessing GalaChain’s cutting-edge smart contract capabilities, Staynex aims to transform the travel industry by introducing advantageous incentives such as NFT-based memberships and gamified rewards.

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Additionally—by tapping into GalaChain—the web3 travel firm is well-positioned to tackle prominent industry challenges, like exorbitant fees, sluggish settlement processes, and opaque booking systems, thereby instilling confidence among travelers.

On the flip side, GalaChain’s platform will empower Staynex members with exclusive perks, including personalized travel experiences, enticing discounts, and premium privileges offered through NFT JetSET Passes and Staynex Club Memberships.

As this initiative takes flight, travelers can look forward to unprecedented levels of personalized experiences, security, and convenience in the realm of travel and hospitality.

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