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Vendetta Games Wild West Loot Boxes Sell Out on Immutable’s zkEVM


What’s next for Vendetta Games?

Alexander McConnell, co-founder and CEO of Vendetta Games, revealed further information; “Our treasury of Loot Boxes contain three pieces of raw materials that can be crafted into one of nine final assets, all usable in our flagship game, Chalk River.”

These Loot Boxes contained a total of 135,000 $VDT tokens – worth over $45,000 at the time of writing – alongside the in-game currency Gold Dust. The inclusion of both has boosted the trade of these Loot Boxes on Immutable’s marketplaces, according to the team.

“We’ve had a high demand for our Loot Boxes,” added Alex McConnell. “We decided to focus our Loot Boxes on crafting and riches with a combination of various materials, in-game assets and weapons, all usable in-game.”

The game is currently oversubscribed, with users eagerly awaiting the release of the next version of their flagship ‘Chalk River’ metaverse.

Source: Vendetta Games

When will Vendetta Games’ Chalk River release?

The Vendetta Games team has released footage of closed alpha gameplay, acquired via an experience which was made available for their community back in 2023.

The project is backed by partners such as Immutable zkEVM, Polygon Studios, Myria and more, and continues to work towards a much-anticipated game release.

The team declined to comment on an exact launch date, but expects to see significant progress by Q3 2024.

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