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Nansen Data Reports Pudgy Toys Prompt Over 59K New Wallets


Nansen—a leading blockchain analytics firm—proudly announced the launch of its Pudgy World Dashboard, emphasizing the success of Pudgy Toys built on zkSync.

According to Nansen data, Pudgy Penguin holders have transferred a total of 10,984 ETH across 5,572 distinct wallets.

Since the introduction of Pudgy Toys, over 3,230 ETH has been bridged, alongside a whopping 59,089 new wallets being created—coinciding with the toys’ availability across 2,000 Walmart stores

Such data is a testament to the growing mainstream acceptance of the Pudgy Penguins NFT brand worldwide. 

Nansen Pudgy Toys
Source: X (Nansen)

Pudgy Toys’ Blockchain Synergy

Leading the way in the NFT space, the Pudgy Penguins toy line innovatively merges physical toys with digital experiences using QR codes that link to zkSync’s Ethereum-based Layer-2 blockchain. 

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Utilizing the zkSync blockchain—known for its exceptional handling of secure, scalable, and user-friendly transactions—facilitates a seamless transition from the physical to the digital realm for Pudgy Penguin owners.

zkSync’s technology makes blockchain accessible to individuals with no prior experience, enhancing the appeal of Pudgy World as an immersive experience for all.

Choosing this blockchain network reflects Pudgy Penguins’ commitment to innovatively, securely, and seamlessly blending physical toys with the digital NFT space. Nansen’s brand-new dashboard confirms this already-made success.

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