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Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah to Release Music as Bitcoin Ordinals


Dennis David Coles, widely recognized as Ghostface Killah from the world-famous hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, is venturing into a new method of music distribution. He announced his plans to release ‘exclusive music on Bitcoin’, introducing fans to a blend of blockchain technology and musical creativity.

Via a statement on the social media platform X, Ghostface disclosed that the initiative would consist of 10,000 Ordinals available for free minting. Importantly, these Ordinals will come with Creative Commons Zero (CC0) rights, granting freedom to use, modify, and distribute the music. Ghostface mentioned that the creation of the Bitcoin Ordinal collection was a collaborative effort involving the Ordinals Bot, Rare Scrilla, and NakaPepes.

Empowering Creativity through CC0 and Blockchain

Adopting the CC0 license marks a departure from traditional copyright constraints. It permits the unrestricted reuse and adaptation of works, and influences the circulation and evolution of creative content.

Ordinals differ from conventional NFTs by being inscribed directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, using Bitcoin for the minting process. This strategy leverages the robustness of the Bitcoin network to secure digital assets, offering a fresh perspective on digital ownership and content dissemination.

This initiative aligns with a broader trend of artists exploring blockchain technology to gain greater control over their music and engage directly with their audience. Furthermore, platforms like showcase how blockchain innovates within the music industry, offering artists more autonomy and fans new ways to interact with content.

While specific details regarding the Ghostface Killah drop’s timing and access remain unspecified, a post by the Nakamotos on the BTC Twitter account hints that holding a NakaPepe v2 inscription can secure access to the free mint.

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