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StepApp Innovator Turns to Web3 Combat Game ‘Pixelverse’


Pixelverse‘, the latest web3 game from Kirill Volgin — creator of the popular Move-to-Earn game StepApp — is getting set to offer an exciting blend of quests and combat alongside another industry mastermind. 

Scheduled for an April release on, the game’s debut will introduce Pixelverse as the platform’s second offering, alongside the alpha version of Pixelverse Playground.

When diving into this AI-crafted world, players will find themselves in Xenon, a city inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics, filled with narrative-driven quests and PvE battles.

Within Xenon’s vibrant digital landscape, players embark on quests to collect unique artifacts, build and enhance bots for competitive battles, and secure these creations as NFTs

 pixelverse web3 combat game
Source: X (Pixelverse)

Top Tech Behind Pixelverse

Embedded within Pixelverse, the game’s native token $PIXFI acts as the central pillar of its ecosystem.

As the primary medium for transactions, $PIXFI empowers Pixelchain as its designated gas token and plays an indispensable role in various in-game activities.

From managing marketplace purchases to facilitating the creation and merging of Bots, the token is integral to every facet of the Pixelverse experience.

Furthermore, Pixelchain — designed as a Cosmos SDK-based EVM-compatible L1 network — is tailored precisely to accommodate Pixelverse’s needs, ensuring seamless transactions and user onboarding.

Leveraging Pixelverse SDK and Pixelchain, third-party developers effortlessly tap into the expansive Pixelverse universe, enriching it with their own unique narratives and characters. 

 pixelverse web3 combat game

Web3 Masterminds’ Latest Venture

Volgin, drawing from his success with StepApp — which amassed $3.85 billion in traffic post-launch — demonstrates a proven ability to create thriving web3 gaming ecosystems. 

In a recent press release regarding Pixelverse’s upcoming debut on Raiser, Volgin shared, “Step App has shown itself to be the only Move-to-Earn project with an active userbase, sustainable and growing economy and offering true innovation, it has been the market leader for a long time.

“I’ve taken all of this experience and decided to give myself a new challenge and launch Pixelverse, along with an expert team with deep experience in the web3 and gaming space.” 

Under Volgin’s visionary leadership and Cissé’s strategic prowess, Pixelverse is set to embark on an exhilarating journey that spotlights combat, strategy, and cutting-edge blockchain technology. 

Learn more about Pixelverse today >> Here

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