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BlackRock Bets $40K on Memecoins, NFTs After $100M USDC Stake


Deepening its web3 engagements, BlackRock has diversified its portfolio with the strategic acquisition of memecoins, NFTs, and crypto tokens, collectively valued at $40,000.

All was made possible through the finance giant’s partnership with Securitize Markets — a digital, regulation-compliant platform — enabling a $100 million investment in Ethereum’s USDC stablecoin, which is pegged to the U.S. dollar.

Making use of the USDC, BlackRock’s eclectic digital asset collection now includes Ordinals Pepe, CryptoDickbutts NFTs, unshETHing_Token, Mog Coin, and Realio Network’s $RIO.

Highlighting the impact of these acquisitions, CoinGecko reports a remarkable 64.5% increase in the daily volume of $RIO after joining BlackRock’s rich portfolio.

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