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Gas Hero Unveils Airdrop: 25 Million GMT for Gamers


FSL, the creative force behind the popular Web3 platform STEPN, has rewarded its gaming community by distributing 25 million GMT tokens through an airdrop to players of its new strategic, socially-driven game, Gas Hero. According to the announcement, this significant gesture of goodwill underscores FSL’s commitment to nurturing a community-focused ecosystem within the rapidly evolving Web3 space, a principle at the heart of all Gas Hero operations.

Introducing Gas Hero

Gas Hero, FSL’s latest venture, offers a narrative set in 2082 amidst a technological revolution that has deeply impacted human society. The game invites players to assemble their heroes and dive into battles for power, wealth, and glory against the backdrop of a world transformed by artificial intelligence, interconnected devices, and advanced quantum computing.

Since launching on January 3rd, Gas Hero has quickly become a hub of activity, with an in-game trading volume reaching 438 million GMT, equivalent to USD 159 million. This bustling environment attests to the game’s engaging nature and its success in fostering a vibrant, community-driven atmosphere.

“Since its launch in early 2024, Gas Hero has quickly evolved into a vibrant community where players engage in a world structured like a vast tree, competing for Power, Fame, and Wealth while also contributing to a shared, communal experience. This environment not only enhances the gaming experience but also strengthens the community bond,” shares CEO Shiti Manghani.

In two months, Gas Hero has allocated nearly 13 million GMT to its leaders and shared 22 million GMT among PvP competition participants. These rewards highlight the game’s focus on recognizing and incentivizing community engagement. Beyond its entertainment value, Gas Hero has participatory governance, allowing players to influence the game’s development using GMT significantly, FSL’s ecosystem token.

“FSL and Gas Hero epitomize the essence of community-centred development within the Web3 realm, aiming to deliver not only enjoyable products but also experiences that profoundly impact their audience’s lives. Mable Jiang, FSL’s CRO, elaborates, “Through Gas Hero, FSL doesn’t just entertain; it engages and empowers, crafting a journey toward a more interconnected and participatory digital future that prioritizes its community at every step.”

This approach to integrating the community into the game’s fabric is consistent with FSL’s overarching strategy, as seen in its other projects like STEPN, MOOAR, and DOOAR. It emphasizes the studio’s dedication to building strong, engaged communities. Gas Hero stands as more than just a game; it is a testament to the power of Web3 in creating dynamic platforms where players are key contributors to the narrative, marking FSL’s continued commitment to community-driven development.

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