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Runestone’s Mighty Impact on the Bitcoin Ordinals Ecosystem


Bitcoin Ordinals Runestone
Source: CoinGecko

Runestone’s Bold Experimentation

The Runestone NFT collection made waves by airdropping $210 million worth of NFTs to Ordinals holders, requiring them to have at least three inscriptions to qualify.

Far from ordinary illustrations, Runestones hold historical significance, with an impressive file size of 3,967,899 bytes (or 3.967 MB) and a landmark inclusion in Bitcoin block 832,947. 

The Ordinals Effect

The impact of Runestone on the entirety of the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem is undeniable, with trading on Magic Eden showcasing its influence. 

As Bitcoin Ordinals gain momentum, Runestone leads. Still, Ordinal Maxi Biz (OMB) also makes a mark with a higher floor price of around $33,118 (0.488 BTC) and a market cap surge of 7.4% in just 24 hours.

NodeMonkes and Bitcoin Puppets add to the ecosystem’s weight. Each has notable floor prices and transaction volumes, highlighting the varied interest in Ordinals. NodeMonkes, in particular, shows remarkable growth, with a 10.4% daily increase in market cap.

Completing the top five, RSIC METAPROTOCOL provides an accessible option with a $5,361.34 (0.079 BTC) floor price, illustrating the broad appeal and dynamic growth within the Ordinals space. Notably, each of these prices is subject to change. 

The Runestone NFT collection has reshaped the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem with its historic airdrop and unprecedented trading activity, marking a significant evolution in Bitcoin Ordinals and the broader NFT space.

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