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Arbitrum Launches Gaming Catalyst Program to Support Web3 Games


Arbitrum, a layer-2 blockchain network, has announced the launch of their Gaming Catalyst Program (GCP) on March 12. With this program, Arbitrum aims to support and enhance the development of Web3 games on their network.

The GCP has requested an allocation of 200 million ARB tokens, with an estimated value of $426 million, over a period of two years. This initiative comes at a crucial time for Arbitrum, as they are preparing for an upcoming token unlock. On March 16, approximately 673.5 million tokens worth $1.34 billion will be released to the team and advisors, followed by a larger unlock of 1.1 billion tokens.

Arbitrum Gaming Ecosystem

The primary objective of the GCP is to establish Arbitrum as the preferred network for game developers, focusing on long-term ecosystem development rather than immediate comprehensive solutions. The program aims to onboard and support high-quality game developers, fostering a sustainable gaming ecosystem on the Arbitrum network.

To encourage development on their platform, a portion of the funds will be co-invested in promising game studios and projects. This not only provides financial support but also showcases the potential of building on Arbitrum.

Ambitious Plans

The GCP sets ambitious targets for the network, including becoming the leading network for on-chain gaming, processing 200 to 300 applications from builders, having over 20% of Web3 games choosing Arbitrum as their base, launching 25 new Orbits (Arbitrum’s term for sidechains), and securing more net migrations compared to other layer-2 networks.

If approved, 40 million ARB tokens will be dedicated to infrastructure bounties. These rewards will be given on a per-proposal basis to support the gaming infrastructure within Arbitrum. This incentivizes developers to build and improve the necessary infrastructure for a thriving gaming ecosystem on the network.

Enhancing Value

The GCP highlights Arbitrum’s commitment to becoming a leading platform for Web3 gaming. With their highly scalable, low-cost, and secure infrastructure, they aim to attract top game developers to build on their network. This will not only benefit the developers but also bring value to ARB token holders by increasing network usage and demand for the token.

In addition to providing a strong foundation for game developers, Arbitrum also offers unique features such as instant finality and compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts. This allows developers to easily migrate their existing games from Ethereum to Arbitrum, without having to rewrite their code.

Arbitrum’s Role in Blockchain Gaming

With the launch of GCP, Arbitrum is solidifying its position in the blockchain gaming space. They are already a popular choice for developers, with games like Skyweaver and MegaCryptoPolis migrating to their network. The GCP will further enhance these efforts by providing support and resources to help game developers succeed on Arbitrum.

The program has already received positive feedback from the community, with many expressing excitement over the potential growth of Web3 gaming on Arbitrum. It is also a testament to the network’s determination to continuously improve and evolve.


Overall, the launch of Arbitrum’s Gaming Catalyst Program marks an important milestone in the development of Web3 gaming. With their strong focus on ecosystem growth and support for developers, it won’t be long before Arbitrum becomes a go-to platform for building innovative and successful blockchain-based games.

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