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Lost Worlds Reveal New App-Free GeoNFT Creation Portal


Lost Worlds, a Pokémon GO-like platform that brings NFT collection into the real world, has introduced a new Creation Portal that allows users to create so-called “geoNFTs” without the need for a dedicated mobile app.

This takes the process of creating geoNFTs out of the hands of the Lost Worlds developers and into the hands of the community, streamlining the minting process and granting creators & brands alike greater flexibility to distribute these unique digital tokens to their communities.

The new geoNFT Creation Portal is now live and available to use.

Lost World Launches geoNFT Assisted Scavenger Hunt Platform
Source: Lost Worlds

Bringing geoNFTs to the community

With users now able to create and mint geoNFTs independently, the Lost Worlds team are looking to integrate new tools and features to expand the functionality these geoNFTs can provide.

This includes support for airdrops, allowing creators and brands to send geoNFTs directly to their communities.

Both STEPN and NFT.NYC have worked with Lost Worlds in the past to provide digital rewards to events in real-world locations – and with a myriad of web3 events across the rest of 2024, you might just find geoNFTs at an event near you.

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