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the NFT back-end for mobile apps


What is Original?

Firstly let’s explain what is Original. Original, the NFT back-end offers a suite of APIs that empowers mobile, desktop and browser Apps to create, distribute, sell and transfer NFTs to millions of users securely and without any friction. Indeed their mission is to simplify the integration of NFTs capabilities into existing businesses through the tokenization of their digital assets, making it effortless to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology.

They envision a future where tokens become part of any digital experiences

As we said previously Originals driver is to democratize the access to NFTs, allowing any business to leverage the inner power of blockchain. By doing so, they aim to empower developers, creators, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to explore new frontiers, expand revenue streams, and build deeper connections with their audiences.

They are committed to our clients success

Whether you’re a brand, an artist looking to tokenize your creations, an ecommerce platform seeking to boost engagement, or a game maker exploring monetization revenues, Original is here for you. So Original team is dedicated to provide ongoing support and guidance. They are more than just a solution; they are your partners helping you to navigate in the exciting world of digital ownership and achieve your goals of course.

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