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20 Unmissable Blockchain Games Coming Soon to Epic Games


Age of Zalmoxis: Rise of the Fallen

Embark on an epic journey into the ‘Age of Zalmoxis: Rise of the Fallen’, blending ancient lore with cutting-edge Web3 tech.

In partnership with the prestigious Institute of Archaeology Iasi, this immersive game invites players to explore a captivating Dacian-inspired realm.

Powered by NFTs, Age of Zalmoxis transforms in-game assets, granting true ownership to players and enabling seamless trading and selling, adding real-world value to the gaming experience.

Chain Crisis 

‘Chain Crisis’ plunges players into the cyberpunk depths of Warpgate City — a dystopian universe where thrilling battles and potent abilities await.

The game, currently in its pre-alpha stage, beckons players to join its ranks on Solana, promising a revolution in the MMORPG genre.

With features like cloud saves and MMO capabilities, it is on the cusp of its Alpha release on Epic Games, inviting players to its Discord server for a chance at exclusive prizes and in-game items.

As an Early Access title, it evolves with player feedback, integrating blockchain and NFT technology for a unique gaming experience where transactions, ownership, and trade of digital assets are at the forefront.

Stumble Upon Rumble

‘Stumble upon Rumble’ combines retro Zelda’s allure with Punch Out’s dynamic combat, inviting players to master deception and timing in expansive real-time multiplayer clashes with more than 30 participants.

Blending action, casual, and fighting genres, it focuses on skillful play, eschewing upgrades for a fair competitive landscape. Players maneuver, punch, kick, and block, each action critical for outsmarting adversaries.

Winning in the arena earns $GLOVE tokens and NFTs, highlighting skill importance. With Early Access and Blockchain/NFT integration, expect dynamic, fair competition and evolving gameplay.


‘Delysium’ unfolds an AI-driven MMORPG adventure within a dystopian future, enabling players to transcend human limitations through cyber body enhancements and sophisticated armaments — alongside coexisting with intelligent AI Virtual Beings.

In the game, NFTs vary widely, including cosmetic outfits, weapons, collectibles, and battle passes available in the marketplace. These NFT assets span a spectrum of rarities from common to ultimate, enhancing the gaming experience.

Weapons, pivotal to gameplay, feature diverse attributes like damage output, magazine size, firing rate, and type, allowing players to tailor their arsenal to their preferred playstyle before diving into the action.


‘Aevitas’ unfolds as a digital universe where creation and ownership rest solely with its community members. The realm serves as a tribute to imaginative power, providing individuals with the autonomy to shape its evolution.

Players in Aevitas have the liberty to express their creativity, from erecting grandiose edifices and crafting stunning terrains to fostering flourishing economies.

Offering boundless opportunities, its Metaverse landscape beckons players to realize their grandest dreams.

The Machines Arena

The Machines Arena‘ elevates the hero shooter genre by integrating team-based NFTs, offering an exhilarating mix of PvE and PvP combat from a top-down view.

As an Early Access and blockchain/NFT game, it offers a dynamic gaming experience where skill and strategy pay off in digital rewards.

Angelic: Dark Symphony 

Then, dive into ‘Angelic: Dark Symphony’, where strategic gameplay meets sci-fi adventure in a narrative-driven RPG.

In this dark, collaborative universe, players evolve humanity, assembling teams and piloting ships with NFT integration at the core.

Offering RPG, strategy, and turn-based gameplay, Angelic invites players to co-op, multiplayer, and single-player experiences.

Players can shortly embark on a journey with legendary heroes, leveraging NFTs to uniquely shape your story and team in a universe that challenges survival and strategy via Epic.

Wild West Undead

‘Wild West Undead’, on the flip side, transports players through its rugged Western landscape, merged with the terrifying grip of horror in the cursed town of Los Diablos.

Players can engage in intense battles against unrelenting undead adversaries and delve into sinister mysteries armed with an arsenal of diverse weapons suited to their personal combat style.

Additionally, they can shortly embark on a spine-tingling single-player adventure as they confront the origins of the curse and pursue the legendary Undying Grail through the depths of horror.

Explore its demo that blends the terror of horror with the allure of the Old West, currently accessible on the Epic Games Store, with the full version set to release shortly.


‘HELIX’ revolutionizes the creation and hosting of immersive multiplayer 3D experiences, offering a platform where users can freely design everything from games and social lounges to art installations and tech demos.

By highlighting the integration of Blockchain/NFT technology, HELIX transforms the landscape of digital asset ownership and trading across various genres like action, open world, and simulation.

Differentiating itself, creators can monetize their innovations and provide players with authentic ownership of their in-game items

Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes‘ is a groundbreaking P2E shooter where cats pilot formidable mechs — known as Guardians — on a team-driven quest for dominance.

Within the advanced confines of New Nekovia, participants will be bestowed the opportunity to harness distinctive abilities, tailor mech arsenals, and persist in combat through their cat’s prowess.

As an Early Access title infused with blockchain/NFT elements, it blends strategy, agility, and precision seamlessly, featuring online multiplayer, a hero fantasy theme, customizable load-outs, and objective-focused team play.

Venturing through the compelling saga of New Nekovia, contenders partake in brisk Guardian Battles, pursuing both grandeur and wealth, all the while mindful of the more profound cause at the heart of their endeavor.


Initially unveiled during its alpha playtest on Gala Games and set to make its debut on Epic shortly, ‘Superior’ offers an electrifying mix of cooperative gameplay, roguelite elements, and third-person shooting.

The game stands out with its dynamically generated missions, presenting players with diverse objectives and a broad spectrum of adversaries — all within a richly colored environment.

By merging the best of rogue-lite and shooter genres, it caters to a variety of gaming preferences with its co-op, multiplayer, and single-player options.

Unlimited NFT-driven superpowers and weapons ensure every playthrough is distinct, offering fresh challenges and epic boss encounters.


‘KOKODI’ is set in a fantastical world where adults have vanished, leaving children divided into two rival clans: KOKO and DI. To survive against mysterious creatures, players must don masks that bestow superpowers.

Currently in its early access MVP phase, this action shooter game offers competitive MMO and online multiplayer features, with the inclusion of cryptocurrency transactions as a blockchain/NFT title.

Players have the opportunity to join the game’s development journey, acknowledging that significant changes and evolution are expected as it progresses.


Setting itself apart, ‘Ordinem’ innovates the trading card game genre by integrating the best elements from iconic battle card games with blockchain technology.

Players must master the art of magic through the strategic use of cards from five distinct ‘orders’. Leveraging these cards, players cast spells, summon followers, craft magical artifacts, and weave enchantments in a bid to outmaneuver opponents.

It is an online multiplayer NFT game that introduces a new gameplay dimension with ‘Base Decks’. These decks enhance player arsenals as they play and win, creating dynamic gaming experiences with digital ownership and transactions.

Starvin Martian 

Get ready for an interplanetary adventure in ‘Starvin Martian’, a city-builder game set on Mars.

Players construct their Martian empires, manage crops and livestock, and evolve strategically in this single-player game.

Cloud-based progress saving ensures a seamless experience. Unlocking upgrades and NFT assets enables players to earn and expand. They can compete in challenges to optimize their farms effectively on this new frontier.

Avalon the Game 

‘Avalon the Game’ is yet another, must-play MMORPG created in Unreal Engine 5, leveraging blockchain technology to offer a unique gaming experience.

Set within a fantastical medieval kingdom, it invites players to embark on quests across a realm filled with danger and enigma.

Competing for rare NFT rewards, players enjoy full ownership of their in-game items, blending traditional gaming with modern digital asset management.

As an open-world MMO, Avalon offers alpha access to its community members through a Discord server, promising early testers a firsthand look at its evolving world and the chance to shape its development before it hits the Epic Games Store.

Generative Quest 

‘Generative Quest’ is another unmissable action-packed dungeon crawler RPG that marries traditional gameplay with modern NFT utility.

As players traverse through eerie, procedurally-generated dungeons, they can customize their characters with unique skills and collect legendary items, enhancing gameplay with a multiplayer co-op for up to 8 players.

By integrating blockchain/NFT technology, players gain complete ownership of in-game assets like character skins, weapons, and magical artifacts. These assets hold real-world value and can be traded, sold, or used in-game, enhancing the player’s experience and accomplishments.

The Moshpit Tournament

‘The Moshpit Tournament’ is a thrilling Horde Mode TPS single-player game set in a dynamic arena where players face relentless waves of enemy Cyphers.

Gameplay offers a gripping action and first-person shooter experience but also integrates NFT technology, allowing players to own, trade, and utilize unique digital assets within the game world.

Players aim to score as many points as possible by quickly eliminating enemies, with each wave challenging their skills and strategy.


‘KOMPETE’ merges racing, shooting, and sports in a dynamic, blockchain-powered multiplayer platform currently accessible in early access.

It introduces thrilling game modes like Blitz Royale and Kart Race, with more innovations expected. Designed for a broad audience, it features competitive play, controller support, cross-platform and online multiplayer capabilities.

Further adding to its appeal, KOMPETE integrates NFTs, offering players the chance to earn digital assets, blending gaming achievements with top-notch value.

Crypto Mayhem 

Set for launch on August 10, 2024, ‘Crypto Mayhem’ introduces a pioneering ecosystem that blends grand strategy and top-fown shooter games within a unified blockchain metaverse.

Players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a vast universe where diverse player types coexist seamlessly. They can create their own unique NFTs — Mechs and Drones — which serve both in battles and resource gathering missions.

Humanity finds itself in a futuristic realm, facing an imminent threat from an alien force, compelling it to safeguard its existence and flourish.

Age of Rust

Last but certainly not least — set for release in Q1 2024 — ‘Age of Rust’ offers an enthralling single-player journey through a dark sci-fi universe.

As a first-person adventure game, it invites players to explore vast worlds, solve intricate puzzles, and discover hidden treasures, combining elements of puzzle-solving within a rich, narrative-driven experience enhanced by NFTs.

Players will soon have the unique opportunity to delve into a galaxy teeming with chaos and mystery, embodying Quinn Holt — a skilled agent tasked with uncovering a galaxy-wide conspiracy — all while navigating a complex web of stealth, combat, and strategic puzzle-solving.

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