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In a world brimming with creativity and digital innovation, Tom Yoo’s latest NFT drop, “CHAPTER 4: RED EDITION”, marks a significant milestone in the evolving narrative of CHIE, an Asian American girl with dreams of playing in the NBA. This chapter, a blend of heartfelt storytelling and vivid artistry, not only pushes the boundaries of NFT art but also delves deep into themes of resilience, diversity, and empowerment.

Unveiling the Adult CHIE: A Journey of Resilience

For the first time, audiences meet an adult CHIE, a character that has matured not just in age but in depth and complexity. The “RED EDITION” provides a poignant look at the challenges she faces, notably the racial discrimination that tries to dim her bright future. Yet, CHIE’s journey is one of indomitable spirit; through her trials, she finds strength, turning adversity into a catalyst for growth and determination. This narrative arc was brought to life at ComplexCon in an immersive exhibition that recreated CHIE’s childhood apartment, allowing thousands to step into her world and experience her love for basketball firsthand.


Exclusive Drop Details: A Collector’s Dream

This collection offers a unique opportunity for NFT enthusiasts and collectors alike, with a first-come, first-serve drop limited to 123 editions. The drop is divided into two phases: an exclusive pre-sale for holders of any previous chapters, and a public sale, each accompanied by special offers including a CHIE jersey T-shirt and a signed print of Chapter 4. Moreover, collectors possessing all four chapters will be rewarded with signed prints of the first three chapters, adding a tangible connection to the digital art piece.

Tom Yoo: From Finance to NFT Frontiers

Tom Yoo, the visionary behind CHIE, has an inspiring journey of his own. Transitioning from investment banking to becoming a pioneering figure in the NFT space, Yoo has consistently broken barriers. Known for his innovative work with global brands and as a trailblazer in sneaker art, Yoo’s creations extend beyond aesthetics; they are a manifesto of his dedication to uplifting BIPOC creatives and his commitment to philanthropy. Residing in Los Angeles, Yoo’s story is a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passions and the impact of art in driving social change.

 The Transformative Power of Art and NFTs

“CHAPTER 4: RED EDITION” is not just an NFT drop; it’s a narrative-rich, visually stunning piece that celebrates overcoming adversity, the power of dreams, and the unyielding resilience of the human spirit. Tom Yoo’s latest work invites us into a world where art meets activism, where digital innovation fosters community, and where every collector becomes part of a larger story of hope and empowerment.



Tom Yoo’s “CHAPTER 4: RED EDITION” introduces us to an adult CHIE facing racial discrimination but using it as a force for empowerment. This NFT drop includes exclusive offers for collectors, showcasing Yoo’s journey from finance to pioneering NFT artistry, highlighting themes of resilience, diversity, and empowerment.


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