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X2Y2 Pro Joins Web3 Gaming Ecosystem Oasys


Multi-chain NFT aggregator X2Y2 Pro have partnered with Oasys, a leading platform for blockchain gaming.

X2Y2 Pro, which collates activity on the X2Y2 marketplace, will be integrated with the EVM-compatible Oasys blockchain, with particular attention on their Geso, DM2 and HOME Verses – Layer-2’s which give developers a flexible platform to build web3-enabled products.

The move will also see X2Y2 Pro fused with Oasys’ Hub Layer, a Layer-1 EVM sidechain for blockchain gaming.

X2Y2 Pro x Oasys

The uniting of X2Y2 Pro and Oasys’ Verses will benefit both gamers and developers. Players will have access to new, user-friendly ways to trade and lend their NFTs, whilst developers can lean on X2Y2 Pro to create smoother experiences and more immersive ecosystems.

The team behind X2Y2 noted they “are thrilled to join the Oasys ecosystem and contribute to the promotion of blockchain gaming”, adding that this partnership “aligns with our vision for the year ahead, where we aim to furnish NFT holders with greater opportunities to unlock value from their portfolios.”

The Geso, DM2 and HOME Verses are already home to multiple web3 titles:

  • Geso Verse, operated by Japanese tech giant GMO Group, allows users to link their Gesoten by GMO ID to access a range of titles.
  • DM2 Verse, from developers DM2C Studio, powers the web3 arm of online entertainment site, which boasts 41 million members.
  • HOME Verse, powered by double, gives AAA and indie developers alike the tools to create and launch web3 games, hosting nine titles – including SEGA’s upcoming TCG “Sangokushi Taisen: Battle of Three Kingdoms”

On top of these entertainment giants, Ubisoft and Bandai Namco are also building on the Oasys network.

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