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A Look at the Apple Vision Pro’s Weight Issues


Apple, known for its innovative products, joined this trend by announcing their own mixed reality headset – the Apple Vision Pro. However, while the announcement created a buzz among consumers and tech enthusiasts, early testers have reported discomfort due to the Apple Vision Pro’s weight.

Understanding the Discomfort Issue

During testing, some Apple Vision Pro users experienced discomfort, citing the device’s weight as a significant issue. Testers reported feeling weighed down and experiencing pain or mild headaches shortly after wearing the headset. This feedback suggests a need for additional support to manage the device’s weight.

To address this issue, Apple introduced the Dual Loop Band, an accessory with straps designed to provide additional support for the headset’s weight. However, the effectiveness of this solution in mitigating discomfort remains unclear.

Apple Vision Pro Weight Resolution

Despite Apple’s efforts to address the weight issue, there is skepticism regarding their ability to resolve it before the product’s launch in the United States in February. Many are questioning whether the Dual Loop Band will provide enough support to make a significant difference in user experience.

The weight issue is not just a concern for consumers but also for developers who are eagerly anticipating the release of the Apple Vision Pro. With the device’s potential global roll-out, there is pressure on Apple to ensure a smooth and comfortable user experience for all.

Challenges of Global Release

The global release of the Apple Vision Pro faces several challenges, including limited initial units and the need to align the device’s software with international regulations. This means that even if the weight issue is resolved for the US launch, it may not be immediately available in other regions.

Additionally, there are concerns about whether the Dual Loop Band will be able to meet international safety standards. This could delay the global release of the Apple Vision Pro, as it may require further modifications and testing to comply with regulations.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2024

Despite these challenges, there is still excitement surrounding the Apple Vision Pro’s potential global roll-out. Many are hoping for a release before Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 in June, where Apple plans to introduce visionOS to developers, fostering a spatial computing ecosystem globally.

This event could be a game-changer for the mixed reality industry, and Apple has the opportunity to lead the way with their Vision Pro headset. However, there is also pressure on Apple to address the Apple Vision Pro’s weight issues and deliver a flawless product that meets consumer expectations.


While the Apple Vision Pro’s weight issue has caused some setibacks, there is still hope for a successful global release. With the potential of visionOS and the growing demand for mixed reality devices, it is clear that Apple’s entry into this market has the potential to shake things up. It remains to be seen how they will address the weight issue and whether it will affect their plans for a global release. 

Yes, the Vision Pro requires an iPhone or iPad running the latest software (likely iOS 18 and iPadOS 18) to act as the processing unit and provide content.

The Vision Pro itself doesn’t have a built-in battery. Instead, it uses an external battery pack that lasts approximately 2 hours. The design prioritizes weight and comfort over on-device battery life.

The Apple Vision Pro carries a premium price tag of $3,499. It’s positioned as a high-end mixed reality experience.

Expect high-resolution dual micro-OLED displays, eye-tracking control, spatial audio, and a new iris-scanning technology called Optic ID for secure authentication. Additionally, it focuses on privacy, with no eye tracking data shared, and an “EyeSight” feature to inform others when you’re using the headset.

You can get your hands on the Apple Vision Pro in the US starting February 2nd, 2024. Initially, it will be available through select Apple Stores and authorized resellers.

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