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Worldline Sets Sights on Metaverse E-commerce Market


Worldline, a global leader in payment solutions, is expanding its Metaverse presence. This expansion, through its Metaverse Shopping Mall and the addition of Spatial, aims to enhance graphical quality and accessibility across various devices, including desktop, mobile, and VR. With the Metaverse e-commerce market projected to reach a staggering US$2.6 trillion by 2030, as estimated by McKinsey, this platform extension aims to offer a competitive edge to merchants lacking a Metaverse presence.

Innovative Engagement in the Metaverse

Following the successful launch of the Worldline Metaverse Shopping Mall in Decentraland earlier this year, Worldline’s integration of Spatial marks creating a comprehensive Metaverse Shopping Hub. 

Spatial’s Season 2 introduces new customer engagement methods through gaming. For instance, merchants can host virtual scavenger hunts where customers collect digital eggs for NFT rewards.

Source Spatial Worldline Shopping Mall

Furthermore, this initiative signifies the start of inventive customer interaction methods in the Metaverse. By diversifying engagement strategies, Worldline aims to strengthen the relationships between merchants and customers in this new digital realm. The Worldline Metaverse Shopping Mall, complemented by additional Metaverse Advertising, Phygital Experiences, and Augmented Reality packages, could help merchants establish and expand their Metaverse presence.

Enhanced Accessibility and Payment Solutions

Spatial’s integration notably improves accessibility, allowing entry into the Metaverse via VR headsets and smartphones, not just computers. Worldline’s platform supports various payment methods, including traditional cards, E-wallets like PayPal, and mobile payments through Apple Pay.

Sascha Muenger, Head Competence Center Crypto-Related Products & Metaverse at Worldline, expressed enthusiasm about this new phase, saying, “We are delighted to present the second season of our Metaverse Shopping Mall in Spatial. This important milestone gives us the opportunity to create a new shopping experience together with some of our most innovative customers and take another step towards commerce solutions in the Metaverse.”

The launch also signals a geographical expansion. PAYONE, a collaboration between Worldline and the German Savings Banks Association (DSV Group), will distribute the Worldline Metaverse solution in Germany and Austria in the first quarter of 2024. This move is expected to bring this global innovation to vital local markets, further scaling the Worldline Metaverse Shopping Mall and introducing more merchants to the Metaverse as a new channel for commerce.

Final Thoughts

As the Metaverse emerges as a significant venue for digital commerce, businesses and individuals will begin to adapt and embrace the new possibilities presented by this interconnected virtual world. By staying informed and engaged with the latest innovations and trends, merchants can make the most of every opportunity available to them in the ever-evolving landscape of the Metaverse.

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