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Taproot Wizards Fuses Bitcoin and CryptoArt with ‘Quantum Cats’


Taproot Wizards — which recently raised $7.5M to focus on Bitcoin Ordinals — has put its money where its mouth is, unveiling its latest project inspired by the Bitcoin Taproot upgrade, “Quantum Cats”. 

Quantum Cats NFTs consist of 3,333 cat-themed images. The project was developed at a cost of $66,000 using the “Evolving Inscriptions” technique. Exceeding the standard 1MB Bitcoin block limit, this approach utilizes 10MB of encrypted data to create multiple evolving versions of each cat image. 

A notable highlight of the collection is the “Genesis Cat” edition by FAR, currently up for auction at Sotheby’s alongside the digital artist’s earliest collection, “Early Echo”. 

The Rise of Ordinals Inscriptions as CryptoArt

Ordinal Inscriptions, akin to Ethereum-based NFT CryptoArt, represent a new form of digital artwork but on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Since its inception in January 2023, the platform has seen over 50 million Ordinals Inscriptions minted, encompassing a diverse range of digital content, including text, images, videos, meme coins, and video games.

The fundamental breakthrough of Ordinal NFTs lies in its ability to assign a unique number to each individual satoshi. Its system generates a distinct ID for every satoshi on the Bitcoin blockchain. Essentially, an Ordinal is a satoshi that has been uniquely numbered in its simplest form.

The popular Solana wallet Phantom notably recently expanded its offerings to include support for Bitcoin, Ordinals, and BRC-20 tokens. For those interested, here’s how to get started: 

More CryptoArt in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Despite facing criticism from Bitcoin traditionalists who view these digital artifacts as cluttering the network, Taproot Wizards co-founder Eric Wall emphasizes the groundbreaking nature of Ordinals. He asserts that these digital artworks are more than just superficial additions; they represent a new artistic expression within the Bitcoin blocks themselves.

Taproot Wizards’ Quantum Cats represents its commitment to leading the charge toward a non-custodial, scalable future for Bitcoin. The NFT collection stands at the forefront of the company’s mission, symbolizing its dedication to innovation and advancements in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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