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Amazon Prime Gaming & Immutable: The “New Gods Unchained”


Amazon Prime Gaming has unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with Immutable Games, a leading force in web3 game development, to provide Prime members exclusive access to content in the widely acclaimed trading card game (TCG), Gods Unchained.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the gaming industry, particularly as Gods Unchained ventures into its second season, aptly named “Far Horizons.” With this launch, Prime Gaming members who link their in-game accounts will be privy to monthly exclusive in-game items, enhancing their gaming experience.


  • Amazon Prime Gaming members now have access to exclusive in-game content for Immutable Games’ TCG, Gods Unchained.
  • The launch of Season 2, “Far Horizons,” brings new God Powers, a major expansion set, and innovative gameplay changes.
  • Exclusive rewards and increased visibility for the Gods Unchained community creators, with substantial $GODS token incentives.

official collaboration poster for Gods Unchained & Amazon Prime Gaming, with the picture depicting both the company logo's on a GU game wallpaper

Amazon Prime Gaming Celebrates Season 2 Of Gods Unchained

Season 2 introduces substantial updates and a novel expansion set titled “Tides of Fate.” This set not only enhances the game’s visual appeal but also revolutionizes gameplay with new God Powers. It significantly impacts players’ strategies. Daniel Paez, VP and Executive Producer of Gods Unchained at Immutable Games, expressed excitement over this collaboration. He notes the major shift in gameplay dynamics and the introduction of fresh mechanics.

“Tides of Fate” is a major draw for players. It offers 142 new collectible cards, nine unique in-game-only “chained” cards, and the innovative manasurge mechanic. This mechanic enables cards in hand to gain additional effects based on mana expenditure in a turn. This further helps align with the Atlantean/mecha theme of the expansion.

The expansion further spices up the metagame by introducing a factional element. This is where players may choose between Dragons or Mechs. Their choices contribute to their faction’s success. This choice not only influences gameplay but also affects the rewards, including legendary cards and a special cosmetic card back reflecting the victorious faction in in-game events called skirmishes.

Gods Unchained Bring Next Level Storytelling To Immutable

In an exciting narrative twist, these factions vie for energy crystals in a new Atlantis-like area, The Shimmering Atlant, adding a layer of storytelling to the strategic gameplay.

In addition to game content, Gods Unchained is enhancing its engagement with the community. The Gods Unchained Content Creator Program allows players to showcase their creativity and contribute to the game’s lore and strategy. Content creators are rewarded in $GODS tokens, ranging from 300 to 6,000 per month, with additional bonuses for surpassing viewership milestones. This initiative underscores Immutable Games’ commitment to community involvement and the enhancement of player experience.

Looking ahead, Gods Unchained is preparing for a full mobile launch. After a successful pre-alpha on Android, attracting over 60,000 sessions in under a month, the game is set for a soft launch on both Android and iOS platforms later this year. This is all thanks to a new partnership with mobile vendor iLogos.

Immutable Games’ collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming for Gods Unchained represents a significant step in bridging traditional gaming experiences with innovative web3 elements. It also sets a new standard for TCGs and gaming communities worldwide.

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