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SEC Clarifies No Bitcoin ETF Approval Following X Hack


This fraudulent event took place during a time when investors were eagerly awaiting the SEC’s decision on multiple Bitcoin ETF applications from major financial institutions. 

The method by which the SEC’s social media accounts were compromised remains a mystery — shortly after Gensler’s announcement regarding the breach, the SEC managed to reestablish control over its account.

Following the false announcement of the SEC approving the listing and trading of spot bitcoin exchange-traded products, the cryptocurrency witnessed a notable increase in value. Its value soared from $46,730 to almost $48,000. However, it then fell to around $45,000 after the SEC refuted claims of approving the investments. 

Misleading information about Bitcoin’s future isn’t new. Previously, in October, there was a false claim about BlackRock receiving authorization for a Bitcoin ETF, which similarly caused a temporary surge in Bitcoin’s price.

Maintaining the integrity and security of information poses a significant challenge for regulatory bodies in the rapidly changing landscape of digital finance, as underscored by this recent situation.

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