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Azuki Unwraps Anime Anthology Series with Director Taniguchi


The Chiru Labs team behind Azuki and Beanz has teamed up with acclaimed director Gorō Taniguchi to produce an anime anthology series.

Taniguchi, renowned for works like “Code Geass” and “One Piece Film: Red”, sees this partnership as a means to introduce anime to new audiences and provide fresh opportunities for Japanese anime creators.

Expanding Horizons in Anime Storytelling 

In collaboration with Dentsu — a leading advertising and anime production company in Japan — the project will bring together a strong lineup of industry experts and top-tier talent.

The series will consist of three distinct stories, each directed and illustrated by different professionals, aiming to expand the Azuki anime intellectual property and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Scheduled for release later in the year, this anthology is part of Azuki’s broader strategy to explore various formats of content, including short and longer forms, to engage a diverse audience.

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