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Async Art Confirms Its Decision to Wind Down Operations


In the ever-evolving blockchain landscape, few platforms have made as significant an impact as Async Art. Launched in 2020, Async Art quickly became a hub for innovative artists and musicians, offering a unique platform for creative expression.

The platform’s unique selling point was its dynamic approach to digital art. Artists were empowered to create multi-layered, constantly evolving pieces that could evolve over time or be influenced by collectors. This interactive aspect set Async Art apart from other platforms in the blockchain art space.

Key Features and Innovations

One of Async Art’s most significant contributions to the Web3 community was the Blueprints system. This tool provided artists with a template to create generative NFTs without any coding knowledge. The result was a flurry of iconic projects, including XCOPY’s “Grifters” and “Across the Face” by Osinachi.

These projects showcased the potential of the Blueprint system, offering a glimpse of what the future of digital art could look like.

The Challenges of a Changing Landscape

Despite its successes, Async Art faced numerous challenges. The NFT space has grown exponentially in a short time, leading to a shift in the industry’s motivations.

As Async Art’s CEO, Conlan Rios, tweeted, the journey wasn’t without its hurdles. Shifting from an art collector and community builder to a technical platform operator and team leader brought new challenges and responsibilities, some of which were less glamorous than others.

“Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated.” This has been a tough one, but the @AsyncArt team and I have made the hard decision to begin winding down operations.

The Closure Announcement

After careful consideration, Async Art announced on Oct. 23 that it would be winding down operations over the next few months. This news marked the end of an era for the blockchain art community, but the team was confident that the dynamic and generative art movement would continue to thrive.

After much deliberation, it is with heavy hearts that we announce Async Art is winding down operations over the next few months. 

What Happens to Existing NFTs?

Following the closure announcement, one of the most pressing questions was what would happen to the existing NFTs. Fortunately, Async Art had a plan in place. All Async NFTs are secured on IPFS and will continue to exist on-chain. However, the Async Market will no longer support purchases by the end of 2023, and Async Art will stop accepting new submissions starting Oct. 23.

Despite the impending closure, Rios assured that the team’s primary goal was to “preserve the works created with [the] platform and ensure [its] remaining team members find new homes to continue pursuing their web3 passions.”


While Async Art’s closure marks the end of an era, it also serves as a reminder of the platform’s significant contributions to the Web3 community. The legacy of Async Art will continue to inspire and influence the dynamic and generative art movement for years to come.

The crypto art community will undoubtedly feel the loss of Async Art, but as the saying goes, “Every end is a new beginning.” As we bid farewell to Async Art, we look forward to the future of digital art and NFTs with anticipation and excitement.

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