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Vault Music: Bridging Cassette Culture with Web3 Tech


For those who revelled in the sonic waves of the late 1970s through the 1990s, the term “cassette culture” might strike a chord. This international music scene was characterized by amateur musicians, many recorded at home, producing alternative or non-mainstream tracks. These recordings, made on cassette tapes, were duplicated in limited quantities and either freely distributed or sold at a nominal cost within the music community.

However, a recurring challenge for many of these artists was the need for substantial income from their art. Vault Music aims to address this challenge by introducing Cassette Culture 3.0, bridging the gap between traditional cassette culture and the digital advances of Web3 music.

Vault Music’s Web3 Transformation of Music Sharing

Vault Music’s latest initiative is a testament to the harmony of the past and future. As Nigel Eccles, CEO and co-founder of Vault Music, puts it, “What we’ve built at Vault Music takes the taping movement and makes it above board and on chain. I’ve always loved collecting music and the tradition of taping culture, but we wanted to bring it back to life with modern technology.” In his eyes, this fusion ensures that performances are preserved in a format that doesn’t degrade while simultaneously presenting independent artists with an avenue to earn a substantial income from their music.

The commitment of Vault Music to rejuvenate the music scene is evident in their achievement of recording 50 live concert performances from some of New York City’s most emblematic venues, such as Bowery Electric, The Bitter End, and Mercury Lounge, to name a few.

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This blockchain-based music platform, available on iOS and Android, offers artists control over their creations. They can determine the price and scarcity of their tracks, ensuring their unique sonic expressions remain exclusive. With the bonus of long-tail earning potential, artists receive royalties each time their music is bought or resold on Vault Music.

On the technical front, Vault Music stands tall on the Solana blockchain. Incorporating their proprietary Vault Protocol allows for the secure storage and encryption of audio and visual media with each music drop. What’s more, these drops aren’t merely audio tracks. They come enriched with concert videos, voice memos, backstage photos, and more.

Expansion and Future Vision of Vault Music

The ambitious journey of Vault Music continues beyond the confines of New York City. The company has set its sights on a global stage, planning to spotlight key cities like Los Angeles, Nashville, Austin, Amsterdam, and London by the close of 2023. Each location will emphasize the top independent and underground musicians, giving them a platform to shine.

Eccles, encapsulating the ethos of Vault Music, stated, “Our objective is to create the definitive archive of the best live music experiences around the world.” By ensuring that each album remains a strictly limited edition, Vault Music aims to offer an inventory that stands as collectible time capsules, echoing the rhythms and beats of the world’s most spirited underground music scenes.

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