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Music Icon Carl Cox Takes Over Sensorium Galaxy


Sensorium has announced the debut virtual show of electronic music legend Carl Cox in the Sensorium Galaxy. The exclusive 30-minute performance, aptly named “Intermundium,” will take place on Friday, October 27, at 7 p.m. GMT. This groundbreaking event will be available to music and technology enthusiasts worldwide, free of charge.

Carl Cox Takes Center Stage in the Metaverse”

Carl Cox, an iconic figure in the electronic music world, has consistently been a pioneer since the early days of acid house and techno. His influence extends from his DJ wizardry to his iconic releases such as ‘F.A.C.T’ and ‘Electronic Generations.’ Beyond his DJ career, he has made significant contributions as a label owner, producer, and remixer, nurturing emerging talent and leaving an indelible mark on the dance music landscape. Carl Cox’s involvement in this venture marks a significant moment for Sensorium Galaxy.

Sensorium Galaxy is a dynamic metaverse comprised of diverse virtual worlds, with PRISM being the hub dedicated to electronic music. It’s in PRISM that avatars of real-life and virtual DJs provide continuous musical experiences. “Intermundium” is intricately designed to harness PRISM’s unique characteristics, creating an anomaly location where sound frequencies can transform space. 

Pushing Boundaries

In this virtual realm, Carl Cox, in digital form, takes control with his tech-house beats, setting everything in motion, from volcanic streams to futuristic concert modules, captivating virtual inhabitants and show guests in an endless dance.

Carl Cox shared his excitement, stating, “I’ve always been about pushing boundaries, sharing the love of music, and enhancing electronic music culture. I truly understood what was possible when I first saw my avatar and literally did a double-take! It has been really interesting to see things develop to the point where I can share my experiences with like-minded individuals anywhere on Earth – or beyond!”

Accessing ‘Intermundium

Access to “Intermundium” will be available through various platforms, including the Sensorium Galaxy Website (2D Stream), YouTube (2D Stream), App Store, Google Play apps (2D Stream), and Steam (Full-fledged VR). 

An immersive VR-360 version will be exclusively available on the PICO Store for one month, providing a unique viewing experience. The show will also be broadcasted on Sensorium’s TikTok Live (2D Stream) during the premiere.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the fusion of music and technology in this unprecedented virtual performance by Carl Cox.

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