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Binance Replaces Bicasso with Bixel


Capitalizing on a recent craze and amending past mistakes as per Bicasso, Binance recently launched a KYC-registered AI NFT generator, enabling users to create personalized artworks using highly regarded cutting-edge tech.

The tool ‘Bixel’ is now accessible to all interested, empowering creatives to quickly produce unique digital artworks — the first 10 of which are on the house — and easily partake in the limitless world of NFTs with the helping hand of machine learning.

From Bicasso to an Ever-Lasting Bixel 

This Binance AI NFT generator may sound familiar due to the project rolling out a similar version in March. However, issues involving Bicasso soon began arising, despite it reaching total capacity within just 2.5 hours of launching and generating 10,000 assets. Critics accused Binance of copying the winners of BNB Chain’s hackathon, ‘Chatcasso’, due to launching the product with similarities just two weeks after the event. 

Undeterred, Binance’s new AI NFT generator claims to be here to stay. However, this time around, users must complete the platform’s KYC identity validation process to embark on creative ventures. Binance is committed to maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment by adhering to industry best practices and regulatory requirements. 

Further ensuring flawless execution of NFT creation, users wishing to mint NFTs via Bixel must pay a minting fee of just 0.008 BNB ($1.90) through Binance’s blockchain network, BNB Smart Chain. These minting costs will be returned to users creating their artworks before August 10, following early trendsetters being granted 1 BNB as a token of gratitude. More exclusive rewards are also promised to unveil down the pipeline. 

Regardless of past controversies, Binance is committed to strengthening the potential of AI-powered NFTs with high regard for legality, empowering artists to create attractive digital art that can easily and securely be shared, sold, and traded for financial gain on a global scale. 

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