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The Weeknd Global Tour: Merging Music and Web3 Experience with Binance


If you attend The Weeknd’s “After Hours Til Dawn” global tour, you may discover a concert experience like no other. Thanks to a partnership with Binance fans get to enjoy more than just live music. This tour is a full-fledged immersive experience, creating a blend of live performance and digital interaction that aims to transform the idea of what a concert can be.

Fans at each tour stop can interact with on-site Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, and those who can’t attend the concert can engage with The Weeknd and Binance through online digital challenges. These challenges offer an opportunity for anyone – ticket holders or those without – to unlock a new dimension and potentially win merchandise, concert tickets, and other prizes.

The Weeknd
Enter the Dimension for yourself

Enter the Dimension: A New Way for Fans to Engage

The concert experience doesn’t just stop at the venue, however. As part of this unique fan experience, The Weeknd and Binance are launching an interactive, digital metaverse experience called In this virtual treasure hunt, fans can unlock new levels, stages, and perks in the digital realm, providing a new way to engage with the artist.

Furthermore, fans have the opportunity to take-part in puzzle-solving endeavours. Completing these challenges opens the door to snagging sought-after merchandise or securing passes to witness The Weeknd’s performances in future concerts.

At the same time, global tour ticket holders gain access to Souvenir NFTs. These NFTs serve as a digital memento of the concert, a Web3 twist to the time-honoured tradition of preserving concert ticket stubs. At select tour stops, Binance will also host augmented reality portals.

The Intersection of Entertainment and Web3

For those unable to attend a show, Binance plans to offer an exclusive NFT collection later this year, open to any user. This collection, a collaboration with The Weeknd, promises several perks for holders.

Furthermore, five percent of the sales from the Tour NFT collection will be donated to the XO Humanitarian Fund, started by The Weeknd and administered by World Food Program USA.

Beyond a simple fan experience, the tour also serves as a platform for positive change. Rachel Conlan, Binance VP, Global Marketing, said, “Our partnership with The Weeknd has provided an incredible platform from which we can showcase how Web3 can create deeper connections between the artist and their fans. It’s been exciting to work with The Weeknd’s team to push the boundaries of fan entertainment.”

The Weeknd’s “After Hours Til Dawn” global tour sounds like more than just a musical event; and is another example of Web3 innovation combining with traditional performance art.

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