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Blankos Block Party x Amazon Prime Gaming


In a world where pixels and blockchain are the undisputed leaders, Blankos Block Party plays a significant role in gaming innovation. Now, allying with the online service giant, Amazon, through its Prime Gaming platform, the play-to-earn game’s spirit is set to ablaze.

Prime members entering Blankos Block Party from June 9, 2023, to January 4, 2024, can take possession of limited-edition NFT bundles, including Blankos, alluring accessories, functional in-game currency and power-packed supplies. However, to seize such treasures, gamers must set up their Blankos Block Party Prime Gaming account on Amazon before October 16. 

Blankos Block Party’s Alluring Quests and Rewards 

Imagine a world where your vinyl toy fantasies can take shape — not as basic figments but as digital jewels within an enticing kingdom on-chain. Blankos are these digital vinyl toys endowed with a collection of mystical skills. Unleash their hidden powers through solo challenges and battles to yield coveted rewards. 

With Blankos Block Party, players are the sorcerers of creativity, molding game levels, conjuring challenges, and penning the digital domains’ edicts. As adventures unfold, more gaming opportunities are highlighted, opening a universe of challenges and otherworldly NFT artifacts. 

Supported by the legendary crafters of Mythical Games, it’s apparent that Blankos Block Part is not a fleeting source of amusement. Instead, it’s a masterpiece in gaming innovation, where blockchain, exploration, and creativity converge to create an everlasting legend. 

So, summon your creativity, gather your tools, and let your Blankos masterwork begin. 

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