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Bored Ape NFT Locks an Influential Movie Contract


Merging cutting-edge technology and cinematic storytelling, a new screen star is being born. The esteemed BAYC NFT, Bored Ape #2758, is making its foray into the movie world, thanks to its loving owner, ‘Rzubi.ETH‘, striking a remarkable deal with Pirexia Films. The Netflix director JM Cravioto is taking charge of this cinematic experience, whose best known for his engaging El Chapo series.

NFT enthusiasts and film fans alike are eagerly awaiting this pioneering cinematic marvel. The BAYC-featured movie not only marks the very first appearance of an NFT actor staring in a film but also issues BAYC #2758 a salary that matches the coveted Screen Actors Guild (SAG) alongside other fully-fledged membership privileges.

Unraveling the Movie’s Narrative

Rzubi — a proficient movie producer at Pirexia Films — recently shared alluring revelations regarding the film’s essence. At the root, this enthralling creation manifests a romantic comedy that astutely explores the transformative journey of a social media personality. Stripped of her digital identity following an unsettling breakup, she embarks on a quest of personal exploration, unearthing her inner essence beyond the digital realm. 

During her soul search for love and laughter, Bored Ape #2758 (“Scully Joe”) takes center stage, mesmerizing the social media influencer through parties and charm. One of the extraordinary moments presents Scully Joe’s radiant house, painting an intriguing and prosperous scene of wealth and shenanigans. 

The combination of NFTs and film productions heralds an exciting new era of endless possibilities. In this groundbreaking partnership, the creative team behind the movie is opening a new chapter in cinematic history. 

BAYC’s Past Cinematic Struggles

Interestingly, Coinbase made plans to launch a film trilogy centered around BAYC NFTs in April last year — however, the attempt to produce such a series was put on the backburner. 

The film, ‘The Degen Trilogy‘, was set to feature engaging and interactive elements of BAYC to bring “billions” of people into the Web3 world. Coinbase was to be the entertainment arm responsible for the project’s production, whereas BAYC community members had the all-important role of crowdfunding. However, Coinbase’s cinematic attempt failed due to being met with criticism and given challenging conditions at the time, including regulatory complications with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and layoffs of 1,100 employees in June 2022, following the troubling crypto market crash in May. The initial first section of the storyline also failed to meet expectations due to its target audience finding it “confusing”.

These conditions led to Coinbase discontinuing the two remaining parts of the movie trilogy in December 2022, focusing on other expressive projects while reevaluating its film-centric initiative. 

Nonetheless, despite these previous setbacks and criticisms, a BAYC is finally ready to hit the silver screen! So, prepare to lose yourself in a world where pixels and aspirations merge as Bored Ape #2758 imprints its indisputable mark on the box. A cinematic journey unlike any other is in the making. 

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