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Affyn announces Singapore as the first NEXUS World Metaverse City


The play-and-earn metaverse Affyn launches 2,000 plots of geolocation-based Freehold Land NFTs. The company is the publisher of NEXUS World; a mobile metaverse mapped to the real world that allows its users to participate in activities based on their geolocations. Affyn announced Singapore as the first city in the NEXUS World metaverse, where each land NFT corresponds to an actual location in Singapore. 

This first metaverse city consists of 2,000 land plots. Each land plot is represented by a hexagonal tile with an area of circa 15,047.5 square meters and is approximately 65.9 meters per side. The NFTs, which are the digital representations of real estate within the metaverse, have four rarity levels: Common, Rare, Epic, and Mythical. Moreover, every plot is characterized by its own climate, including grass, sand, rock, and snow biomes.  

Following the announcement, Lucaz Lee, Founder and CEO of Affyn, said, “The initiation of Singapore as the first metaverse city represents a major milestone for Affyn and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the product development roadmap.” Lee added, “We are beyond excited for NEXUS World Landowners to experience the metaverse coming to life and take part in co-creating and powering the economy. These encouraging developments and more cities arriving in the coming months will prove invaluable catalysts for ongoing Web3 gaming adoption.”

You can explore the map of the Affyn metaverse here

Which benefits will the owners of Affyn Land NFTs have?

Each plot includes various features and benefits that depend on the land’s scarcity. The rarer a land plot is, the more benefits it grants its owner. 

  • NFTs will grant landowners access to exclusive events and campaigns. 
  • Landowners can customize their plots to increase their value, for example, by building facilities and providing services to other metaverse visitors. 
  • An Affyn Landowner serves as the mayor of the hometown that the land is associated with. This enables landowners to build businesses on their lands. 
  • Landowners can rent out the land to other players so they can build their own experiences, host virtual events, or play games. When other players engage in such activities, the Landowner can collect taxes. 
  • The revenue a landowner earns depends on how popular the land is. The more traffic a land gets, the more income possibilities exist. The NFT land plots with higher rarities have more citizens, so their owners have more income potential. 
  • Furthermore, more challenging raids will take place on rarer land plots, increasing the earnings potential.
  • Additionally, landowners have higher chances of discovering rare “Buddies,” the play-and-earn game’s unique NFT characters. 

How to purchase Affyn metaverse Land NFTs

To be eligible to buy a land plot in the Affyn metaverse, you must first purchase FLAGs to plant them on the land. FLAGs are not NFTs themselves; they are only necessary to claim the lands. 

A Common Land NFT requires one FLAG. For Rare, Epic, and Mythical plots, 3, 9, and 27 FLAGs are necessary, respectively. Users can buy as many land NFTs as they wish. However, they can hold a maximum of 55 FLAGs simultaneously. 

You can register an Affyn account and purchase both FLAGs and Land plots on Affyn’s marketplace. It’s necessary to connect a MetaMask wallet and complete the KYC process. Also, check if the country of your residence is among the restricted regions. FYN token powers the economy of the Affyn metaverse. To purchase land NFTs, you must have 2995 FYN tokens and at least one MATIC, the Polygon blockchain’s native cryptocurrency, to cover the gas fees. 

What’s next?

After Singapore kicks off the metaverse, the Affyn team will keep mapping more real-world cities to the metaverse. You can follow the latest announcements on DiscordTwitterTelegramInstagram, and Medium

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