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Frédéric Chesnais Reveals Plans for New ‘Multiverse’ Platform: AlphaVerse


Founder and CEO of Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI) Frédéric Chesnais speaks to NFT News Today about his new metaverse platform, AlphaVerse, which aims to be the big ‘Alpha’ boy in town – connecting multiple, diverse universes into one large ‘multiverse’. 

The much debated term ‘metaverse’ is starting to be wielded in new and exciting ways, and one such example is Frédéric Chesnais’s emerging AlphaVerse. 

Built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), AlphaVerse will aggregate many universes into one shared ecosystem, which will be “platform agnostic” and even “game engine agnostic”, according to Frédéric. 

The key for AlphaVerse is diversity of experience, and empowering creators with the tools to engage a fanbase. 

AlphaVerse is an open world. Users can join freely, they do not need to own any crypto-currency initially, and options to pay in fiat currencies are available whenever possible. 

“The first thing we wanted to do was offer a real blend of experiences,” Frédéric said. “In AlphaVerse you have the Hub, which is the best of all the experiences, but if you want to have a specific experience like playing the rollercoaster game, you can teleport from the Hub to another universe that is connected. This will be seamless, so you don’t need another account. It’s like an airport.”

Watch our interview with Frédéric Chesnais

Inside AlphaVerse

The ‘Hub’ will be the central gathering space, a starting point, and a portal to the multitude of worlds that surround it. Additionally, the Hub will be built upon the Unity game engine, offering an immersive 3D experience for users to enjoy as they explore the various districts on offer. In these districts, you will find the three core elements of AlphaVerse: games, sport and music. 

Furthermore, the key difference with AlphaVerse, compared to its predecessors like The Sandbox and Decentraland, is that there will be a unique “look and feel” about the individual universes within it. 

For example, Qtopia – the first LGBTQ metaverse, built for the LGBTQ community, will be a very different experience from Horyou – the platform dedicated to sustainability. Different universes will be built upon different game engines, and some games could even be built on the highly acclaimed Unreal Engine. 

Furthermore, Horyou just announced that the ‘Horyou AlphaVerse’ has decided to donate 2% of its gross turnover to support social good, sustainability, and the fight against climate change, and is joining forces with the ‘1% for the Planet’ program. This commitment from Horyou AlphaVerse illustrates its mission to build a metaverse platform which will leave a positive, meaningful imprint on the world. 

Crucially, AlphaVerse will be connecting third-party worlds to its multiverse, not only the worlds they’re building in-house. As a result, the user can expect a diverse range of experiences, which all have a unique flavour and feel. 

Horyou and Qtopia – focusing on sustainability and the LGBTQ Community respectively

Content creation tools

What will draw crowds to AlphaVerse? According to Frederic, it’s the community-building tools they provide users, which will make the platform distinct and incredibly useful. 

Frédéric said: “The main tool is that we’re allowing people to load content into the metaverse, so if you have content on YouTube or Twitch, you can stream it into your world. You can build your community based on your content. We are giving you access to ‘Billboards’ (video players), and you can create an arena with 20 Billboards and stream your content. You can gather your community, and engage with them on the blockchain – we are giving you the tools.”

Thus, Billboards are central to the vision of AlphaVerse, which will allow content creators, and artists, to stream their content from YouTube or Twitch and interact with their fans in an immersive 3D environment. 

Frédéric added: “If you’re an up-and-coming artist in the music world, you can easily buy an arena in AlphaVerse and stream the content that is already on YouTube, and then you have people coming to see you in 3D, so you can really engage with them.” 

“Here, in the AlphaVerse, unlike YouTube or Twitch, you can really engage with the creator. That’s the big difference. It’s like YouTube/Twitch in 3D.”

Frédéric is working on some big moves in the football realm in the coming months, which he believes will be a huge attraction to AlphaVerse. 

Those who wish to build football communities will have the tools to do so. 

For instance, within your purchased ‘Community House’, you will have the ability to sell different ‘Flats’ to other fans, and reward them with exclusive content and access to VIP rooms. 

When you consider how passionate football fans are, it’s not hard to imagine how in-demand this experience could become – especially if AlphaVerse locks down deals with major football clubs. 

“We are all hardcore fans of something,” Frédéric said. “If I want to support a foundation, I want to be in the VIP section so I can have access to the founders. If I love a band, I want to have access to their exclusive interviews, and participate in the raffles.”

For more about AlphaVerse, check out our full interview with Frédéric and visit their website at

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