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NFTs a Power for Good in the Fight Against Art Theft


Since NFTs reached the public eye around the summer of last year, a fraudulent undercurrent has hampered its journey into the mainstream. Tales of art theft pepper the landscape, tainting its image in the public eye, and creating a platform to sow dissent for the industry.

In truth however, this unscrupulous use of NFTs speaks more for humanity than the underlying technology. Before NFTs arrived, digital artists found it difficult to make ground in an unforgiving world. Essentially, hampered by folks’ ability to ‘right click and save’ any image they found on the internet.

Following the advent of NFTs, a new way to monetize digital art presented itself. However, for many, before they even know about the tech, undesirables began to do the unforgivable, scouring platforms like DeviantArt for creations that weren’t their own, in a bid to make a few Ether in the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem.

Since then, the industry has matured a little, with safety protocols such as DeviantArt’s excellent Protect Protocol helping to safeguard artists across the digital space. However, the resentment fueled by the rampant art theft remains, with many wary of the tech that enabled it all.

NFTs a Power for Good in the Fight Against Art Theft

NFTs Offer Creators an Extra Layer of Protection

Despite all this, artists can use NFTs as a power for good to protect their work from these cash grabbing degenerates. In essence, NFTs represent entries on an un-hackable and trustless digital ledger, each with its own unique and incorruptible data print, date stamped and signed by a unique wallet address. As a result, NFTs can provide unquestionable proof of the creation date and author details of any given NFT. Ergo, should an artist mint prior to making their work public they now have the means to prove its date of entry to the digital world.

These days, Web3 platforms such as OpenSea will allow users to mint items to fast and efficient chains with minimal cost and effort. Therefore, enabling artists to get a jump on criminal behaviour and prove, without a doubt, that they have the earliest incarnation of a work recorded for all eternity on the blockchain.

So, digital artists everywhere should stray away their hate of the NFT for the damage done in its name and instead embrace the technology, and allow it to add an extra level of security to their work.

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