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Upland and Gala Games Partner for an Open Metaverse


Two worlds are about to collide. The outcome is an open metaverse. Upland and Gala Games announce a new partnership, promising interoperability between the two ecosystems and opening the door to cross-platform gaming.

They anticipate the ability to interchange between the two metaverses will allow players new electrifying experiences and add value to their digital assets.

An example of the interaction given in the announcement states, “Upland will have a headquarters in Gala Games’ VOXverse, and VOX will open stores and Dev Shops in Upland.”

Furthermore, Vox NFT owners will be able to move their ERC-721 NFTs from the Vox ecosystem to the Upland ecosystem.

What does this mean for Uplanders?

They expect, as the two Web3 ecosystems become more interactive, userbases and experiences will grow. When participants can seamlessly move between ecosystems with their assets in tow, the experience is sure to become more thrilling and appealing.

Another plus for Uplanders is the VOX Dev Shops which will bring exciting new experiences to the Upland ecosystem.

Cross Platform Collaboration

The partnership sets the foundations for an open metaverse where the interoperability of assets will bring about one of the principles of Web3, true ownership. The movement of digital assets across networks helps achieve this.

Regarding the partnership, Idan Zuckerman, co-founder and co-CEO of Upland, stated,

“From the start, we believed that working closely together with like-minded platforms to create interoperability will be the key for the future success of an open metaverse. We’re excited to partner with VOXverse who share this vision, and to have the Gala Games and Upland communities come together to co-create and co-build on the two platforms.”

Additionally, James Olden, Chief Strategy Officer at Gala, said,

“Upland’s success in the blockchain gaming/metaverse space hasn’t gone unnoticed and it’s exciting to bridge our worlds and communities together – chasing our shared goal of true interoperability and moving the space forward in a meaningful way. We welcome them with open arms into the VOXverse and are eager for VOX to begin exploring Upland in various ways as well. Beyond excited to see where this goes.”


We look forward to watching the partnership between Uplands and Gala Games. Especially, its VOXverse, which will expand the gaming experience on both ecosystems. Read more on VOX NFTs here.

Finally, we also hope that the Gala music is part of the partnership.

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