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Pixelmon Announces New NFT Project Despite Initial Response


Pixelmon’s Twitter account resurfaced on Friday morning. However, there had been an ongoing conversation on private Discord groups; the project had gone dark on the public platform after raising $104 million following a botched non-fungible token (NFT) art released earlier this year.

Martin Van Blerk, the founder of Pixelmon, spoke to the press about what transpired and the preparations put in place to develop a legitimate business framework. 

“I’ve taken steps not only to realize that, okay, maybe I was out of my depth but to say, ‘how can I do the best going forward and what steps can I take to bring in people that have experience’,” van Blerk said.

Pixelmon Twitter Meeting

However, early Friday morning, Pixelmon conducted a massive public meeting with hundreds of participants on Twitter spaces to debate the issue and the next steps.

A prominent Twitter user, AlphaW, informed listeners that he was now a part of the initiative. His Twitter account stated that he was a Pixelmon investor.

Tweets from AlphaW said he was an associate of Pixelmon’s new CEO; he swiftly blamed fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) for undermining NFTs’ reputation.

“The primary reason is that they Google news and they see something negative around NFTs … and they instantly associate the negative news to [all NFT] projects.

“At the moment, there is a lot of FUD in the industry and externally – especially in the mainstream media’s perception of NFTs as a whole.

“Pixelmon has also been picked up in the mainstream media, and we want to ensure that when the mainstream media talks about Pixelmon they talk about it in a positive light.

“What we always find is as we build up new industries, the moment there is FUD … it becomes a bit difficult to bring in more people into our space.”

NFT from Pixelmon

The project drew two categories of people: those who wanted to sell their Pixelmon NFTs for money and those who wanted to be a part of a community.

“There has been lots of talk about what has happened in the past few months, and we just wanted to say the moment we started speaking to [Martin], we also started the redevelopment process of the art … every week, we are updating with new art.

“We are going above and beyond because that is what the community deserves at this point in time.”

Another Twitter user Xeppy, who described himself as an NFT advisor, consultant, and analyst on his profile, spoke out, in favor of the project.

“There are still people hopeful this will become something – it has raised some of the most money in this space.

“The money is still there and Pixelmon can be built.”

OKhotshot, an NFT expert who has spoken extensively to 1News about the Pixelmon affair, was also present at the conference.

“AlphaW hosting the Pixelmon space saying he’s concerned about the negative image NFTs have with outsiders, failing to realize that Pixelmon has done the most damage to NFTs’ image,” he tweeted after the meeting.

Final Thoughts

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