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NFT Expoverse LA, year’s top Blockchain and NFT Expo


With the NFT Expoverse LA just around the proverbial corner, we thought it time for some more info regarding the event. It takes place between the 29th and 31st of July in the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

As media partners to the NFT Expoverse LA, we wish to give our readers some insights into what visitors to the Expo can expect.

Plus, the opportunity to use a 10% discount on tickets for an already affordable event.

The Expo is geared towards the whole NFT community.

Whether you are taking your first tentative steps on your NFT journey or at the cutting edge of NFT tech, there is something here for you.

NFT Expoverse LA subjects and speakers

Subjects to be discussed include how NFTs will infiltrate many walks of life. There will be talks on how advances in tech will impact the future of “Web 3.0, DeFi, dApps, cryptocurrencies, P2E gaming, and NFT arts and collectibles”.

Additionally, the roster includes over 150 NFT and tech influencers and educators for you to avail of, to answer your questions. There will also be seminars and Q and A sessions on a range of topics related to Web3 tech. 

Some of the highlights awaiting visitors include Arif Khan from Alethea AI and Pindar Dimerdag from Seyhan Lee LLC, talking about, How AI Will Shape the Metaverse.

Now, If you are into Gaming and P2E, there are expert chats on, The Future of Gaming: What You Need to Know. 

Other exciting speeches that attendees can look forward to include: “How AI Will Shape the Metaverse” by Pinar Demirdag from Seyhan Lee LLC; “How NFTs will shape the future of digital identity” by Morten Rongaard from Reality Gaming Group, and “How to Succeed in Crypto: Blockchain 101” by Damon Zwarich from Charli3, Garizon, Cardano Defi Alliance, among many more.

Other subjects discussed include.

  • How to Earn Using Blockchain
  • How NFTs Are Disrupting the Music Industry
  • Moving your Traditional Web 2.0 Business onto the Blockchain and Web 3.0
  • Laws and Regulations for the Crypto/NFT World: Breaking Paradigms
  • How to Leverage NFTs as a Creator
  • Laws and Regulations for the Crypto/NFT World: Breaking Paradigms
  • NFTs in the Metaverse
  • DeFi: The ‘Wild West’ of Crypto
  • The Coming Convergence of NFTs and AI

These are by no means the only subjects to be addressed. You can find a more comprehensive list of speakers and subjects here.

Network at NFT Expo

Exhibitors at the event

NFT Expoverse will also host hundreds of exhibitor blockchain enterprises – showcasing thousands of products, services, and platforms at this unique event. Tokenframe, the first ownership-verifying NFT display to hit the market, is signed up as an official Display Sponsor. Among the current exhibitors are Charli3, Epstein Drangel, Lunar, Niftify with many others yet to be announced.

Attendees will be spoiled for choice from some of the most innovative blockchain products with a unique opportunity to see and try out some of the most innovative ones that are yet to hit the market, all within a single venue.

Exhibitors come from all spheres of the Blockchain, AI and NFT space. You can choose from individual digital artists to large industry-wide innovative companies, at the forefront of tech. 

At NFT Expoverse LA, you can network with well-established, successful brands to new companies entering the space. 

Alternatively, you can watch individual digital artists create new digital art live, using VR and AR tech. 

Why not chat? 

In addition, you can walk around the NFT galleries using the best NFT art frames

Next, you can talk to some of the foremost innovative digital artists populating the blockchain art space. Find out what inspires them to make their crypto art.

Another presence at the NFT Expoverse LA will be all things Metaverse. 

The companies creating the Metaverse will bring the tech directly to you and include early excess perks for those who attend the event.

Again, you can find an extensive list at NFT Expoverse website.

Attendees will also receive exclusive NFT drops from a range of exhibiting companies, sports teams, artists, musicians, fashion brands and digital metaverse pioneers.

Finally, there is a VIP after-party, where you can chill out and chat with those in the know.

So, anybody with an iota of interest in blockchain and NFT technology should jump at the chance to attend this outstanding Expo. 

NFT Events of this quality do not come around all that often. 

Do not forget!!! 

You can use the 10% discount coupon for the NFT Expoverse LA. 

Enjoy the show.

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