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RPS Brings Robust Impartial Decision Making to the Web3 Community


Every now and then, a dispute will arise that requires that requires an entirely impartial, unbiased decision-making medium. As much as it exists in the physical world, this is also true of the Web3 ecosystem. What better way then to settle those digital disagreements than the international reconciliation staple, Rock Paper Scissors (RPS).

To make this all possible, RPS has developed its own Web3 oracle service, a sophisticated program that uses a bespoke set of zero-sum mathematical models built specifically to dish out cold hard unbending fairness within the Web3 framework. Thereby, providing secure, unadulterated, provably fair, decision making to the digital masses. All maintained on-chain until the end of time.

To support the project, and to provide the hands necessary for such an offering, RPS is launching a grand collection of high-quality 3D NFTs to enable the project. First to hit the blockchain, 10k newly sharpened scissors will arrive in a flurry of anticipation and excitement.

RPS NFT Oracle Decision Making

RPS Scissors Drop and More

RPS’ amazing NFTs are the product of over 200 randomized traits to create singular non-fungibles of the highest order. Each bespoke, provably unique item the result of months of design and logistics work, thereby displaying some of the finest collectibles on the blockchain. What’s more, the data for each one is stored via IPFS, so it will remain irrevocably attached to the blockchain until the sun explodes.

A small selection of ultra-rare bespoke VIP NFTs already circulates the goliath that is OpenSea, providing a wealth of special additional benefits to their owners. Furthermore, the first major drop will occur at 12pm PST on March 18, for whitelist members only. Then exactly a week later the remaining items in the 10k scissors collection will make way for a public sale.

Later in the year, a fine set of Paper and Rock NFTs will descend on the blockchain in Q2 and Q3 respectively.

More Than Just a PFP

All too often a PFP project will offer very little other than a pretty picture, and a Discord group to discuss its merits. RPS however, aims to blow the competition out of the water with a set of amazing, tangible benefits that will manifest before their owner’s very eyes.

First and foremost, RPS will offer its services throughout the metaverse, to settle Web3 grievances when they arise. Non-members of the RPS ecosystem will pay a nominal fee to use its oracle. Afterwards, distributing 50% of these fees as rewards to NFT holders, providing an additional passive income just for being a member of the community.

Furthermore, RPS will integrate NFT staking into its ecosystem, to increase the earning potential even further, while also launching and incredible 50 ETH treasure hunt following the initial sale.

RPS NFT Oracle Decision Making

So, head over to RPS, and get in on the action using the grand new Oracle to help you through all of life’s difficult decisions.

Learn more about RPS >> Here

Check out the VIP Scissors on OpenSea >> Here

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