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Store of the Week — InaDAO – NFT News Today


The InaDAO was created to serve as an anchor for womxn interested in entering the web3 world, specifically the NEAR ecosystem.

“INA DAO is a DAO founded by womxn for womxn. It is meant to be a place where womxn can learn about web3, exchange, grow and be creative together. The DAO specifically supports people who identify as womxn, their creative goals, and projects, regardless of background, skin color, or location. We share knowledge and resources, currently provide funding through the Creatives DAO/ NEAR, and encourage to collaborate. Our first project ‘My Gaia/ Mom’ launched yesterday [08.03.2022] on the international women’s day in Cryptovoxels and NEARhub. We invited artists to submit art pieces which resemble their relationship to their mothers. It is a very personal approach and we received a lot of beautiful art pieces. The 3 winners of the contest will be announced very soon.”

“After being in the ecosystem for 1 year now I [Tabea] realised that web3 has two sides. One where you can be anonymous, gender does not matter if you do not want to reveal it (which provides more equality than in the physical world). The other, which is a highly technical side, is still mainly dominated by men. The idea, therefore, was to create a space where womxn can freely ask questions and learn, without experiencing the usual mansplaining and being degraded simply due to our gender. And also to function as a place that supports collaborations rather than competition. Having met a lot of incredible strong and knowledgable women in the space, it just made sense to create a DAO so that this knowledge can be passed on and projects with this focus can be supported.”

“The store has been deployed about 1 month ago for our first project My Gaia/Mom. All submissions have been minted in there, using blockchain to avoid plagiarism and to guarantee a clear ownership of the pieces as well as using the split royalties to support the artists and DAO once an NFT gets bought. The 3 winners will be announced soon but the project is still ongoing and artists who would like to mint their piece for this project are free to do so.”


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