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Time to Push the Limits Further


This post was originally published on seedify

Hello Seedify Community,

Today we are ready to share you updates and news regarding 4 topics:

  • $SNFTS tokenomics & claim schedule

Let’s start with the $SNFTS tokenomics first.

$SNFTS total supply will reach in 5 years.

According to our calculations around 3.3% will be airdropped to Seedify community. In total we will be devoting a total of 5% of the initial supply for the airdrop, including some more partner drops to come.

The rest of the 95% will be used as below:

Liquidity: 1% — 500m (initially 250k $ worth of tokens will be put for liquidity, the rest will be unlocked every month for 5 months)

Staking and Farming Community incentives: 40% — 20b (linear monthly unlock for 60 months)

Operations treasury: 30% — 15b (linear monthly unlock for 60 months)

NFT treasury: 20% — 10b (linear monthly unlock for 60 months)

Team incentives: 9% — 4.5b (unlock every 6 months for 60 months)

In a nutshell we wanted to make sure that the tokens are released over time, and we have the treasury to take Seedify NFT Space to a hypergrowth producing place.

The initial liquidity price will be shared prior to opening the claims, but we won’t open it up at a very high valuation to make sure incentives to hold, stake and farm is more rather than instantly selling, since a lot of people will get free tokens essentially.

While most tokens you see have some sort of pressure coming from seed and private investors, in $SNFTS since we are not taking any outside funding, there will be only usage of treasury for even more growth. Coupled with also commissions coming from the marketplace, the business model of the Seedify NFT Space will be one that will be both boosting SFUND with the buybacks, and creating scarcity in the SNFTS token through auto-burn functions deployed in the smart contract.

For those who haven’t read how the commissions create the mechanisms that drive value for holders, you can check this link.

As a project that started with no funding whatsoever when we launched Seedify, giving SFUND token through an airdrop-only community start; we are now starting from experience with SNFTS.

Currently we are developing the first versions of the NFT Launchpad and NFT Marketplace, which will be the initial key structures of the Seedify NFT Space, with many more interesting features to come.

While SNFTS token will be used as commission discounts, and RNG based NFT reward drops while trading on the platform, SFUND will still stay as the Launchpad utility token, even in the NFT Launchpad part. With the buyback function automated into the commissions and smart contract, Seedify NFT Space commissions and new utilities coming from here will boost SFUND to an unprecedented degree.

While NFTs are one of the most important parts of blockchain gaming and metaverse fields, through having an NFT Launchpad, we will be able to make sure that project tokenomics are less structured on sell pressures coming from seed and private, and more structured towards NFT utility sales, and funding that doesn’t create pressure in tokens. So our NFT Launchpad will be very strategically used for this reason too, which will help ROIs of projects greatly, thus increasing SFUND ROIs in return.

Last but not least, the claim page will be launched during April, so we start $SNFTS with a product so the token can have utility from the get go.

Seedify NFT Launchpad & Marketplace Updates

As of now, we have completed most of the smart contract related work and started to dive deeper into the design, and UX of the initial versions of Seedify NFT Launchpad and Marketplace.

Towards the end of March, we will be starting to have focus groups with selected community members, so we can gather your feedbacks before the launch for a smooth user experience.

During April, we will start to hold our first NFT launches, making sure that utility NFTs for gaming and metaverse projects can meet with the extensive experience and community power Seedify brings to the table.

With the NFT Launchpad, you will first see an overhaul to Seedify profiles, showing your NFTs, and of course trading and gifting capabilities.

During Q3, there will be a complete rebranding for everything developed thus far on Seedify, NFT Launchpad, Marketplace, and other tools of the Seedify NFT Space, as well as our current IGO Launchpad, Claim and Staking systems.

Expanding SFUND Utilities

Its needless to say, but let’s just say it again for those who have skimmed through; the NFT Launchpad allocations will be given to those staking and farming SFUND, and since there is no vesting system in NFTs, the profits that will come from mints will be very direct, rather than linear profits that you earn every month. For example, if an NFT does a 100x, the 100x will be yours straight away, instead of waiting vesting to complete.

Also, the SFUND buybacks will be another utility power that will be derived from the usage, thus increasing strength of SFUND token.

While 2022 is about giving really good SFUND rewards for stakers and farmers, towards the end of 2022 you will start to see some surprise changes, that will be pretty juicy.

However, for underpromising and overdelivering, we will start to share the next utilities, only when we are ready with the current developments.

Final Notes

Leading the blockchain gaming and metaverse space from a token that was purely bootstrapped, with no private backing, no funding, and no accelerator/launchpad support wasn’t easy.

It is fair to say that our roots are now stronger than ever.

And it’s time to push our limits further.

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