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Dexsport: The Perfect Tool for Decentralized Sports Betting


The time has come for a new type of cryptocurrency sports gambling, decentralized betting. Therefore, be sure to enjoy lots of benefits when betting on Dexsport.

Blockchain has allowed innovators to revolutionize the gambling industry by introducing decentralized gambling. Gaming on a decentralized betting platform is different from gambling using Bitcoin on a traditional sportsbook. These platforms use smart contracts and blockchain technology to improve the quality of betting services.

Traditional sportsbooks control players’ payouts and require them to pass through tedious identification processes, unlike decentralized platforms. They may even fail to pay your winnings fully. However, you can avoid such issues by betting on a decentralized sports betting platform like Dexsport.

What Is Dexsport? – decentralized sports betting site and an innovative project that enables decentralized sports predictions. The site is the first web3 sports betting platform that uses smart contracts running on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain to integrate blockchain, DeFi, and NFT into the betting space. Smart contracts connect computer programs, allowing them to ‘talk’ to each other to validate and record transactions without the intervention of centralized bodies or humans. As a result, the site enables gamblers to make secure cryptocurrency transactions while remaining anonymous.

When playing on this web3 platform, you join a shared liquidity pool to receive your winnings through blockchain. For that reason, you don’t need the bookmarker’s permission to withdraw your winnings since you will be playing on a decentralized protocol.

Pros of Betting with Dexsport

Once you join decentralized sports betting, expect a whole lot of gambling benefits. These advantages are different from the perks you used to enjoy on traditional betting platforms that accept Bitcoin as a banking option. 

1.   Transparent and Secure Transactions

Unlike Centralized Finance (CeFi), DeFi transactions cannot be altered since they operate using smart contracts as stated above. This way, players enjoy transparent and fast transactions validated on Binance Smart Chain blockchain without the involvement of third parties.

This decentralized sports betting platform guarantees secure transactions because participants have to use cryptographic keys to access the transaction information. In this case, the web3 betting platform uses a secret key, public key, and hash functions, making it hard to manipulate, alter, or sensor its transactions.

2.   Near-Instant Payouts

This web3 crypto betting platform allows you to directly check your betting history and track the status of your transactions for a smooth betting experience. Note that you have to perform a certain number of confirmations on this site to receive your winnings in your cryptocurrency wallet.

3.   A Community-Driven Decentralized Platform with a High-Security Level

Once you start betting on Dexsport, you join a community of other bettors. In this community, gamblers participate in-match discussion forums, place bets, and participate in peer reviews, thanks to its decentralization. Even better, the platform secures its customers’ data, using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology.

The security protocol creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser to authenticate customers’ online transactions. This way, it is able to keep customers’ information private while guaranteeing safety against fraudsters and hackers.

4.   It Offers Multi-Device Support and Covers Global Sports Events

This decentralized sports betting platform is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows operating systems. The compatibility allows you to place your cryptocurrency bets using smart contracts in the comfort of your home.

Besides, you can access all international sports anywhere and anytime using any of the above devices. The best part of playing on Dexsport is that smart contracts allow you to participate in peer-to-peer betting without restrictions from central governing bodies. As a result you are able to enjoy a convenient gaming experience while betting online.

5.   You Can Choose to Bet Against Other Players or Against Yourself

Because Dexsport is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform, you can place bets against other gamblers. However, you have to review the predictions of other bettors to decide whether to accept their bets or not.

On the other hand, betting against yourself means you are betting on performance. In this case, you have the option of checking your performance record before placing a bet to have a higher chance of winning.

6.   Low Transaction Fees

Unlike betting using traditional payment methods, crypto deposits and withdrawals are free. This is because there are no third-party involvements when transacting on decentralized sports betting platforms as stated above. Even better, these sites process your transactions instantly and at a lower fee once you meet all the requirements.

What is DESU Token?

Usually, large platforms make unique tokens to increase the liquidity of their exchange and facilitate their community governance process while incentivizing their trading activities. For that reason, Dexsport launched $DESU as their native token at the end of 2021. The token is proof that this platform is a reliable sports betting site and is working correctly to benefit players.

Dexsport uses its token to validate the accuracy of its odds and provide transparent mathematical models for gambling platforms and betting providers. Since its launch, the DESU betting pool has grown to achieve a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. Currently, you can trade the token on Pancake Swap and Kanga Exchange.

Benefits of Holding DESU

Becoming a DESU user guarantees you many privileges and bonuses available on this web3 betting platform. These benefits include:

1.   Lotteries

0.5% of Dexsport’s liquidity pool is distributed among users every month. In this case, members receive specific lottery tickets depending on the platform’s tier system level. Besides, you have the option of buying additional tickets using these tokens.

2.   Community Rewards

Once you start holding the tokens, you will be eligible for contests like whitelisting as well as giveaways from Dexsport and its partners. Some of the gifts to expect from the platform include NTFs, fan attributes, famous sports teams merchandise, and other rewards.

3.   Play Rewards

The platform also offers you cashback promotions depending on your monthly betting volume. This is a way of Dexsport showing its appreciation for your contribution to the development of decentralized betting. Even better, the web3 site allows you to win rewards by spinning the Wheel of Fortune once you achieve a specific amount of bets.

4.   Governance

Holding these tokens gives you a chance to participate in the voting process of Dexsport’s development. This means you have a say in ensuring that bettors on this site are comfortable while staking their money online.

Final Thoughts

Dexsport is using Defi and NFT to change how traditional sports betting platforms work. It ensures you don’t depend on a betting site’s mercy to receive your winnings. Besides, you don’t have to go through complex identification processes when betting and transacting on this platform, giving you a smooth betting experience.

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