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Introducing our first Scouting Season: March Edition


Join us for our first ever Scouting Season rolling out over the month of March. Across the next five weeks we’ll have daily market events and boosted special weeklies!

Get your scouting hats on and your calendars out, here’s what to expect!

On each day of the week we’ll be auctioning players from specific leagues and our S05 regions. Here’s our schedule for the next 5 weeks:

🌎 Monday; America

  • Campeonato Brasileiro Série A
  • Superliga Argentina de Fútbol
  • Liga MX
  • Primera División

🇪🇸 Tuesday; LaLiga

🌍 Wednesday; Challenger Europe I

  • Eredivisie
  • Jupiler Pro League
  • Primeira Liga
  • Superliga
  • Super League

🌍 Thursday; Challenger Europe II

  • Russian Premier League
  • Spor Toto Süper Lig
  • Austrian Bundesliga

🇩🇪 Friday; Bundesliga

🌏 Saturday; Asia

🌍 Sunday; Champion Europe

No more A-Z: For each day we’ll auction players in random orders.

3 day listings: Each card will appear on the market 3 days before the auction ends.

6 Uniques per day: We’re also increasing our Unique frequency to 6 Uniques per day.

What happens to the schedule if there is a club or league launch?
Any club or league launches we may have during the 5 week event won’t affect our schedule. New club or league auctions will happen in addition to the Scouting Season: March event auctions.

Scouting Season: March also brings The Underdog Series. Over the course of five Game Weeks we’ll have 5 special weeklies that encourage scouting, tactics, and forward thinking.

So that you can plan ahead, here are the entry requirements, special weekly rules and rewards for our very first Underdog Series:

Game Week 250: The Underdog 250
Rules: All scarcities except Commons allowed and max average score 45*

  • 1: Tier 1 Unique
  • 2: Tier 2 Unique
  • 3: Tier 2 Unique
  • 4–15: Tier 2 Super Rare
  • 16–50: Tier 3 Super Rare
  • 51–100: Tier 3 Rare
  • 101–500: Tier 3 Limited

Game Week 251: Limited Underdogs
Rules: Limited only and max average score 45

  • 1–5: Star Limited
  • 6–20: Tier 1 Limited
  • 21–100: Tier 2 Limited
  • 101–500: Tier 3 Limited

Game Week 252: Super Underdogs
Rules: Super Rare & Unique only and max average score 50

  • 1: Tier 1 Unique
  • 2: Tier 2 Unique
  • 3: Tier 2 Unique
  • 4–10: Tier 2 Super Rare
  • 11–25. Tier 3 Super Rare

Game Week 253: Limited Underdogs: The Sequel
Rules: Limited only and max average score 50

  • 1–3: Star Rare
  • 4–15: Tier 1 Rare
  • 16–50: Tier 2 Rare
  • 50–100: Tier 3 Rare

Game Week 254: Rare Underdogs
Rules: Rare and max average score 40

  • 1–10: Star Rare
  • 11–20: Tier 1 Rare

* Max average score is the L5 (last 5 game Sorare score average)

We hope you enjoy our first edition Scouting Season. Share your ideas and feedback for future Scouting Season editions on our Twitter and Discord.

Happy scouting!

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