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Heroic Mintable Recovers NFTs Stolen in OpenSea Heist


As OpenSea flounders off the back of a string of high-profile scandals, a key competitor has stepped in to save the day. As a result, responsible NFT marketplace, Mintable, has recovered three NFTs stolen during the recent OpenSea phishing attack.

In a spot of non-fungible camaraderie, three Azuki NFTs are on their way back to their rightful owners. According to Mintable, they made the discovery on the LooksRare marketplace while acquiring assets for their monthly “Floor Buster” flash sale. A monthly event, where the platform sells high-profile collectibles below the current floor price. Realizing their dubious origin, Mintable quickly purchased the assets before they disappeared once again.

The NFTs in question were all part of a diabolical heist that occurred earlier in the month. The result of an OpenSea phishing attack that saw users relieved of approximately $1.75 million in non-fungibles, while receiving recognition for their kind deeds, Mintable had the following words to say on the matter:

​​If OpenSea isn’t going to make it right, someone has to. For some of these people, all their net worth is tied up in their NFTs and it’s horrible to have them stolen.” – Mintable CEO, Zach Burks

The moral of the story, is that in order to function as a community, then everyone must work together.

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