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Dawn of the ZombieVerse: The ZINU Revolution is Here


A fully animated 3D NFT that can walk, strut, run, flip, dance and fly? Tell me more…

A fearless zombie dog named ZINU, who is on a mission to build his Zombie Mob Secret Society (ZMSS) in the ZombieVerse. Interesting…

Royalty-free ownership rights of your NFT, which is a unique 1 of 1 character with a vast assortment of distinct traits and characteristics. Now you’ve got my attention!

ZINU is pulling out some big guns as they enter the NFT industry and they’re in a bullish frame of mind. Armed with a gigantic vision, which is outlined in their user-friendly white paper, they’re here to take over. 

SM, Chief Brand Officer and founder of ZINU, said: “With over 40,000+ members already in our community, people of all ages are falling in love with our character. The possibilities are truly endless as we see ZINU everywhere in the future – from apparel and toys to ultra-premium collectibles and games, to comic books and film.” 

“We believe to our core that by decentralizing this form of intellectual property for our #ZombieMob that something truly memorable is in the making”.

With decentralized IP, owners can commercialize their respective NFTs within their own industries, without paying out any royalties. It’s an empowerment tool for those who are looking to monetize their NFTs. 

ZINU has arrived in explosive fashion and yesterday they unveiled stunning footage of their 3D animated NFTs, which will roam their very own metaverse – or ZombieVerse.

Coupled with slick animations and high-quality content, ZINU have revealed some inside secrets. They are a team of experienced developers, marketers and artists, who have worked at tech giants like Amazon, Google, Intel and Microsoft. These guys mean business and they’re aiming to revolutionize the game.

As far as the game goes, ZINU is being developed by some of the best in the business. Leading developers from the legendary Madden NFL series are developing ZINU’s gameplay, which promises to be slick.  

Thus far, we have been treated to a few sumptuous teaser videos, which hint at what’s to come. 

The “Peek Behind the Curtain” teaser shows ZINU playing American football, snowboarding and working-out as we’re shown glimpses of the ZombieVerse. 

ZINU lifting weights is actually a hint at the real-world value of these NFTs. Holders will be treated to fitness perks in the real world, as part of ZINU’s partnership with Fit Club. 

If that wasn’t enough to take in, ZINU just announced a partnership with REV3AL – making them the first NFT project to use digital anti-counterfeiting and copyright protection technology. This is a major play considering the recent storm surrounding counterfeit NFTs. 

Let’s have a look at some key facts about this fascinating new project:

Who is Zinu?

ZINU (Zombie INU) is a relatively new cryptocurrency project, which entered the crypto exchange in October 2021.

What is their currency?

Their currency is the ZINU Token, which has attracted in excess of 10,000 holders.

Where can the currency be used?

The ZINU Token can currently be used on three different blockchains, ETH, BSC, and POLYGON. 

How many NFTs will be minted to the blockchain?

Only 10,000

When are they releasing their first wave of NFTs?


Watch this space for more developments in the ZombieVerse. 

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