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Store(s) Of The Week: Gorilla Shops


This week, we are featuring Gorilla Shops as our Store Of The Week, a project the Mintbase team is all VERY excited about. However, we realise this title falls short in describing what the Gorilla Shops team are actually building — a true Shopify for NFTs. We might reconsider renaming this series in the future as we get more and more projects that don’t exactly fall under the definition of “Store”.

You know how we’re used to describing Mintbase as a Shopify for the blockchain? Well, Jakob Sievers, CEO of Gorilla funds, doesn’t see it that way. For him, Mintbase is the Shopify of Shopifies: not only you can build your own marketplace, but you can also build marketplaces for marketplaces. And that’s exactly what Gorilla Shops are doing (and killing it, if you ask us).

Thank you, Jakob! We can’t wait to see what’s next 🚀

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