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The Web 3 LAND Sale


This post was originally published on The Sandbox

Introducing the Web3 Hub with our upcoming LAND sale on February 10th, in The Sandbox. This area of our map is the beating heart of decentralization and is all about innovation through technology. With this LAND sale, we are welcoming an exclusive group of collections, brands, DAOs, and individuals are the forefront of technology, who are expanding their presence into our metaverse. Next week’s LAND sale will be your chance to plant your flag in this neighborhood and be closer than ever before to any of the below partners.

On February 10th at 1 PM UTC, we will unlock a new part of The Sandbox Metaverse. This will be your chance to purchase one of the 550+ LANDs for sale next to our newest partners that are claiming their stake of the map.

You will need both SAND and ETH (for gas fees) to purchase a LAND

Premium NFTs

Five NFTs will be bundled with the Premium LANDs during the Web 3 LAND sale.

Spartacus & Goliath (left) ; Lieutenant Gordo Grande (right)
  • Spartacus & Goliath: Spartacus and Goliath are the leaders of the Apes of Space NFT community. They lead our society forward into the fun and intriguing world of The Sandbox metaverse. Apes Together Strong!
  • Lieutenant Gordo Grande: Lieutenant Gordo Grande has traveled many lightyears from BlackPool HQ with a single important mission objective: To establish an outpost on the SANDBOX homeworld and continue to expand our reach throughout the multiverse. What dangers will this strange new world throw his way? What riches can be discovered? Do voxel bananas taste as good as the regular kind? Only time will tell.
  • Bearwhale: The Bearwhale hides deep down in the caves of jewels. From time to time he gets out and pours a great number of precious gems, gathered in his gaping mouth.
  • Beca: A two-wheeled mecha rickshaw piloted by a robot that pulls its passenger around the Mad Mecha City.
  • The Social Toro: When you invest, make sure to have a friend by your side, preferred a green one.

This LAND sale is filled with a variety of up-and-coming partners. Discover them all below:

Apes of Space is a community-focused NFT project in the Cryptocurrency space and is interested in purchasing a plot of land (possibly 6×6) to build a game for our growing community. We have been following the progress of Sandbox for a long time and believe it has a very exciting future as the NFT gaming space grows, and would love to be part of this journey. We are in the process of brainstorming core game mechanics, but to provide a rough idea of the aesthetics, the idea would be to create a dark, atmospheric game in a rocky area, surrounded by caves, with landmark features such as a spaceship crashing to the ground, inside which players could explore.

This Asia-centric decentralized marketplace focuses on 5 entertainment verticals including fine art and collectibles, games, esports, celebrity (film/tv/music), and animation/anime. A great place for NFT enthusiasts, traders, and art enthusiasts alike.

BlackPool is an actively managed, tokenized NFT fund. Its ambition is to democratize access to the best in-game assets, highest-yield generators, and most valuable NFTs, giving everyone a chance to reap the rewards. BlackPool is the first protocol to combine long tail investment analysis, AI, and self-organizing team guilds to generate passive income. The DAO currently focuses on three components: portfolio investments, competitive gaming, and the incubation of creativity.

A mecha-wesome experience coming to the metaverse soon. This project features a group of bad robots from outer space and mad mechs that will fill their ESTATE!

Bears Deluxe is a collection of all 6,900 unique pixel bears. All art is made by hand in 24×24 pixel format. Coming soon are exclusive games and access to the HONEY token for use in the Bears Deluxe ecosystem.

EverdreamSoft is the game studio that created Spells of Genesis (SoG), one of the first blockchain-based mobile games. Spells of Genesis is a point-and-shoot card game, allying dexterity and strategic skills, in which all in-game cards can be blockchainized and then traded like any NFT asset.

Bubblegum Kids is a unique collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs. Owning a BGK is your ticket into the Bubblegum universe! Chew some bubblegum in the Sandbox with them!

The year is 2088. It’s a raucous Sunday at the renowned medieval themed sports bar, the Degen Tavern, where sports gambling degens gather in their finest knight gear, to bet on sports, trade NFTs, share alpha, and be their truest degen selves. The greatest gambler and darkest degen in the land is the one true King, who rewards loyal Knights with access to a new world of sports betting, NFTs, and fandom.

The number one iced tea in America and across the metaverse. Welcome to the home of the official drink of The Sandbox!

Omnimorphs is a generative NFT collectible project of 10.000 unique, digitally hand-drawn avatars immortalized on the Ethereum blockchain.

Hex Trust is a fully licensed and insured provider of bank-grade custody for digital assets. Through its proprietary platform Hex Safe™, the company delivers custody and other value-add services to financial institutions, digital asset service providers, and private clients.

Bulls on the Block is a NFT project that launched in June 2021. They manage a community wallet with every Bull owner and everyone has a say in what happens with it.

The first cultural center facility for the underground electronic music scene, hosting underground techno events with top international DJs & equipments shop!

A community of crypto enthusiasts that consider themselves the opposite of shillers. Their motto is “Let’s dig & build together.”

eToro is the leading social investing network with over 25 million registered users globally. As a blockchain pioneer — their CEO co-wrote the Colored Coins whitepaper in 2012 — they are committed to facilitating the adoption of new technologies that serve the common good.

CryptoFoxes are 2 collections of 1,000 and 11,111 programmatically generated and unique foxes.

All of the auctions for this wave will be accessed here soon.

Head over to the Sandbox map on February 10th at 1PM UTC and take your chance to own LAND in the Web 3 vicinity.

The Sandbox LANDs are migrating to a new smart contract. To know more about the LANDs migration, go here.

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