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Take back ownership of your data and identity with NFT domains


This post was originally published on Opensea

Guest post by Unstoppable Domains

We believe in a vision of the internet that brings us all together, makes us all heard, and creates equal opportunities.

An internet owned by the people.

We’re building that vision by providing people lifetime ownership over their NFT domains, data, and identity.   

Let’s take a closer look at a few specific features of Unstoppable NFT domains, all designed to give control of the internet back to the people. 

Easy payments. Ease of mind: universal crypto address

Power up your wallet by turning all your complicated addresses into one easily readable name. NFT domains give you the power to send, store, and receive hundreds of cryptocurrencies and NFTs with one simple domain name.

All you and all yours: verified NFT profile pic avatars

Level-up your digital identity. Verify ownership of your favorite NFTs with Unstoppable Domains and use it as your PFP avatar across web3.

Login with Unstoppable: the only login you need

Leave the days of signing in with email addresses, user accounts, and passwords behind. Your Unstoppable domain is all you need to verify your identity and access sites and apps on the decentralized web. With nothing holding you back, the metaverse is yours to explore.

Own the future: a better way to build decentralized websites

Your Unstoppable NFT Domain provides an easy access point for launching a Web3 site that people can actually find. Plus, we have a great set of site design templates to simplify the buildout. 

Similar to the benefit of connecting your domain and crypto wallets, your domain translates cumbersome, crypto-generated alphanumeric hash values into actual words, with actual meanings so your site address can look more like: “My-Super-Dope-Website.crypto” instead of “999534864327D4353434FT425 etc. etc.”

Ever-evolving you-tility: more features, services, and benefits on the way

Our goal is to create better ways for everyone to own their digital identity and to unlock better, faster, and more secure experiences across Web3…and we take it pretty seriously.

We launched well over 100 product features and improvements last year, and have no plans to slow down in 2022!

More power, less gas: mint your NFT domain for free, and own it forever

You can mint your NFT Domain on Ethereum, which can get pricey with gas fees, or you can use Polygon and, because we think you’re awesome, we’ll cover the cost. Seriously! 

We’ve saved our community over $100M (and counting) in gas fees.

Regardless of which chain you choose, once your NFT Domain is minted, you own it forever. No renewal fees, no BS. Just a better Web3 experience.

But wait, there’s more…

We’re teaming up with OpenSea for an exclusive drop of over 100 of our most watctlisted premium domains, including football.nft, digital.nft, moon.nft, and more. The drop will be going live on Feb 8th @ 9 am EST on OpenSea. 

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