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Metaversal Lore Series Quest #3


Metaversal Lore Stories #3

Previously on Lore stories…The ancient Cryptopedia of Metaversal Lore is destroyed by a single smoothie. Interim Librarian McCullum makes a desperate call for help to rewrite the book of Lore before his uncle finds out and sends him to boot camp. Our story continues…

“Yo Explorer Dudes — this is your homie, McCullum. Your Lore tales last week of stuff beginning with ‘B’ were Radical with a capital… uh… So I just need you to keep those lil’ masterpieces comin’ and I’ll be outta this fix in no time. Things are going awesomely here at the Booky place. Although Uncle Church has been checking up on me a little more often than I planned.

So I have been forced to undertake a temporary… ‘office relocation’ inside this closet, just until things chill out a little…

So first we had A, then we had B, now anyone who knows their ABCs can tell you that the last and final letter of the alphabet is… that’s right: B!

Send me your Lore stories all about the letter C, then we can get this new Cryptopedia finished and I can start flushing out all this bad karma.

Remember: write the lore and get your rewards. I’m counting on ya. Peace.”

Commander Church (Pron: Com-man-derrrr)
‘Commander Church was the first human to lay eyes on the 6 Planets and successfully navigate the wormhole using the anti-gravitational device created by Grey Scientists. His bravery earned him the honorary title “Hero of the Federation”

Caracium (Pron: Kara-see-um)
Caracium is one of the many useful byproducts created when Explorers mine with an Extractor on an Active Volcano. Caracium is used for many important purposes such as the creation of Federation approved heat shields on all mission Spacecraft.’

Cooooieuooowawawa (Pron: As written)

Category: Sound

Etymology: Reptiloid

The momentary, bird-like whistle emitted from a Waxtural Processor as it powers down on the last evening of Midsomer harvest.

Post your best lore entries that correspond with each week’s letter. Every thoughtful submission will receive an Alien Worlds NFT! In addition, the top 3 entries as voted on by the community will receive an additional Alien Worlds NFT. Please include your WAX wallet address with your entry.

*Entries that are not related to the letter of the week will be disqualified. Alien Worlds reserves the right to revoke entries for plagiarism and other fraudulent activity.

Time: Saturday at 00:00 UTC — Monday at 23:59 UTC.

Location: Alien Worlds Official Discord (Contest Submission Channel) Please ask Community Support team members on any platform for assistance if needed.

Voting: After the submission period, voting will be unlocked for a period of 48 hours, when the community will decide the best entries for the week.

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