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This post was originally published on Nifty’s

A Note from Andrea Urban, Artist Relations Director at Nifty’s.

I am thrilled to announce Nifty’s newest initiative, Featured Artists, a series of curated works from a diverse group of global creators shaping the NFT landscape. These artists, handpicked by the Nifty’s team, will include artworks that are available exclusively on Nifty’s website, starting this Thursday, January 27th.

I’m Andrea Urban, the Artists Relations Director at Nifty’s, tasked with bringing the best and most exciting new talent and creators to the Nifty’s community. I joined the Nifty’s team with a background in contemporary art, previously working at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Gagosian Gallery, and Parkett Publishers.

The artists we work with come to us from across the globe, from Manila to Montreal, Baltimore to Berlin. I personally chose these creators because of their commitment to their practice, their passion to create, and their visionary aesthetic. These artists each present their own unique lens on the world in front of us, and the world not yet created. They’ve come to us with established careers in design, gaming, advertising, and architecture, empowered by the opportunities provided by digital art and the NFT community.

Starting this week on Thursday, we’ll announce a new drop on a weekly basis, introducing you to each artist, some you may know and some presenting their first NFT. Each drop will include artworks of varying edition sizes and price points ensuring that art lovers at all levels can begin and grow their NFT art collections with Nifty’s. I believe in the vision, ingenuity, and future of these artists, and I’m so excited to share them with you.

Now, let’s take a moment together to meet our first artists.

Marigoldff — Thursday, January 27th

Twitter: @marigoldfff
Instagram: @marigoldff

For our premiere drop, we present Giusy Amoroso, a.k.a. Marigoldff, a Berlin-based, Naples born, digital artist, art director, and founder of creative studio ior50. Inspired by sociology, philosophy, technology and nature, she creates hyper-realistic worlds that transcend time but are grounded in the present. For her drop, Marigoldff created a mystical temple featuring extraordinary digital sculptures that each hold forces of the universe. She has previously minted work on MEME, Superrare, and Foundation.

Humberto Diaz — Thursday, February 3rd

Twitter: @humbertodiaz75
Instagram: @humbertodiaz75

Humberto Diaz is an internationally exhibited multi-media artist, known for installation, performance, video and photography work. He is the first of an upcoming series featuring NFT releases from Cuban artists selected by international curator and art historian Gladys Garrote. Humberto’s work manipulates our expectations, rendering the familiar and the everyday in disturbing new contexts, fueling the tension between the possible and the impossible, the real and the unreal. For his first NFT release, he has created the “Lost Sanctuary” series featuring a whale trapped in a floating island, playing with the concept of being bound to a fate.

Shay The Surrealist — Thursday, February 10th

Twitter: @surrealistshay
Instagram: @smwallday

Shay the Surrealist is a 22-year old surrealist digital artist and graphic designer based in Delaware. Her work uses manipulated stock imagery of trees, clouds, birds, flowers, and smoke to symbolize growth, freedom. Known for her stunning and beautiful compositions and use of African-American figures, Shay the Surrealist is a prominent and inspiring woman of color in the NFT ecosystem. For her drop, she created a blossoming garden of Black beauty. She has previously released NFTs with Foundation, Makersplace, Rarible, and KnownOrigin.

Maxwell Step — Thursday, February 17th

Twitter: ​​@maxwell_step
Instagram: @maxwell.stepart

Maxwell Step is a Montreal based digital artist known for his portrait pixel art capturing the essence of people. Maxwell is the artist behind the 5k pfp project The Glitches, created specifically with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and representation in the NFT space. He has previously released artwork with Foundation, Rarible, and Zora.

To stay connected with these and future drops. For sneak peeks and more, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord channel #art-talk.

Andrea Urban Bio:

Twitter: @And_Seen_
Instagram: @and_seen_

Andrea Urban is the Artist Relations Director at Nifty’s. She brings over 15 years of experience in contemporary art to the Nifty’s team with previous roles at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Gagosian Gallery, and Parkett Publishers. With a history of working on special projects with artists at various points in their careers, Andrea has the sensitivity and curatorial discretion to bring quality art from passionate artists to the Nifty’s community. She is committed to promoting diverse voices, unique projects, and ensuring accessibility in engaging with the art Nifty’s presents.

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