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Easily Evaluate Labels with Label Pages and Charts


Check out promising labels and outline new business ideas in one place.

Miha Prebil

Time is precious in the music industry, especially when you’re planning your next business move. For artists, this means finding a label that’s a good fit. And for label managers, it means researching your competition and markets, both locally and abroad.

Luckily for everyone involved, we’ve got you covered with our freshly revamped Label Pages and Lite Charts.

Every label in Viberate’s extensive database is presented equally and with a focus on key links and content. This way, you can immediately get a feeling of what the label’s about. The artists on the roster, the label’s top-performing tracks on Beatport, and the most recent releases and their peak chart positions are all neatly displayed.

Each label’s Page also has a segment highlighting the label’s performance on Beatport. You can quickly examine how many tracks have placed on Beatport’s Top 100 chart and how many days the label has clocked on it. Combined with the names on the roster, this will give you an idea of how successful a label is and what their vision and music direction are. The “Similar Labels” segment can also help you with that.

If you’re researching and benchmarking labels by genre, make sure to check out Lite Chart.

Instead of filtering out names in Viberate charts, simply turn to the Lite Charts — they’re free to use for any registered user. On the Lite Chart, every label releasing on Beatport is neatly sorted according to its Viberate popularity rank, also featuring the most essential info. You can sort the chart further by filtering out the labels that release music in the genre you’re focusing on.

For example, focus on Tech House, as it’s was the most popular Beatport genre of last year.

Give it a go. Lite Charts are available to registered users looking to do basic research.

For more thorough work, check out the more extensive Label analytics and Beatport analytics, both available in the Premium plan — you can test-drive them for free.

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