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BitSong Teams Up with Starname to Make BTSG Payments Even Easier


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BitSong is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Starname, a decentralized asset naming service for the Cosmos blockchain. Put simply, Starname makes it easy for anyone to send and receive crypto payments using a personalized “starname,” rather than a complex string of characters. Thanks to the collaboration, BitSong has secured the *btsg domain, meaning you can now claim your own customized *btsg starname for free!

Why do I need a *btsg starname?

Sending and receiving cryptocurrencies is still an intimidating process for many people. Blockchain wallet addresses are typically long, unmemorable strings of characters, and if the address contains a single error, funds may be lost forever. What’s more, most cryptocurrency users are managing multiple addresses across several blockchain wallets.

Starname offers a way to streamline this process by providing a simplified, customized username that’s universal across all supported Cosmos blockchains.

A *starname enables you to:

  • Receive cryptocurrencies.
  • Keep digital assets in an easily accessible manner with your Starname profile
  • Transfer value in a fast, easy, and cost-effective way with blockchain technology

BitSong’s collaboration with Starname reflects our commitment to making our ecosystem as user-friendly and inclusive as possible, by removing technical barriers to holding and sending $BTSG tokens.

How to claim your free *btsg starname

If you are a Gmail user, you can now register your *btsg starname!

  1. Go to the Starname App and login with your Gmail account.
  2. Go with the Gmail login flow to claim your *starname: type the name you wish, pick *btsg domain from the drop-down list, register it and…. it’s yours!

3. You can now set up your *btsg starname and link it to your wallets using the Starname App so you can start sharing your *btsg starname and receiving crypto through it!

Each *btsg starname comes with:

  • A Starname Profile — a simple way you can share the crypto information you would like to share!
  • A bunch of pre-generated wallets of Cosmos-based projects (your BitSong wallet is one of those, but if you already have one, worry not, you can easily edit your profile! Keep reading to find out how.)
  • A few $IOV (native Starname tokens) to customize your profile so you’re ready to rock n’roll!

After setting up your *btsg Starname, you can use your free allowance of $IOV tokens to customize your profile. Because you pay a transaction fee in $IOV to save your profile changes to the blockchain, we recommend you take the time to configure your whole profile in one step to get the maximum value from your allocation of free $IOV tokens.

Click “Manage” on your Starname homepage and go to “Edit profile.”

You can change your username and profile picture. You should also navigate down to the “currencies” section and update the BTSG address with your own $BTSG wallet address, if you have one, so it’s linked to your Starname account.

Click the three dots next to the currency name, and select the edit button to modify the address.

You can also add in your social profiles:

Once you click “Update,” your profile changes will be saved to the Starname blockchain and your $IOV balance will be debited. Please note that once your $IOV balance reaches zero, you’ll have to top it up again to be able to save further changes to your Starname profile.

You can use your *btsg starname in the apps the Starname Service is integrated into (Cosmostation Mobile App and Sputnik Bot for now), alternatively, the Starname Profile can be used as a payment interface or a way to share your crypto addresses too.

Ready to experience blockchain in a simple way and praise your crypto community? Share your *btsg starname!

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